Mt.Everest Tour – Photography Strategies of Mt.Everest
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Mt.Everest Tour – Photography Strategies of Mt.Everest

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012


Mt.Everest Tour – Best Season for Taking Photos of Mt.Everest

The best season for taking photos of Mt.Everest is from April to May and from September to October every year when is the best time to have Mt.Everest tour. During this period, the weather in Mt.Everest area is relatively stable, and visibility is relatively high. Because there is less rain in this period, you may enjoy the real scene of Mt.Everest and shoot the scene of flag clouds and golden mountain. If you have Mt.Everest in July or August when is the rain season of Mt.Everest, it depends on whether you are lucky enough. If you have Mt. Everest in winter, the road to Mt.Everest may be closed for snow.

Mt.Everest Tour – Photography Location of Mt.Everest

Mt.Everest Viewing Platform in Old Tingri

The vehicle can reach the Viewing Platform directly. You can easily shoot the distant view of sunrise and sunset at Mt.Everest.

Dregura Mountain Pass

The Dregura Mountain Pass is the best place to shoot the Makalu Peak, Lhotse peak, Mt. Everest and Cho Oyu Peak.

The Hill next to Rougbuk Monastery

The hill next to Rougbuk Monastery is generally accepted as the best angle to photograph the Mt.Everest. Comparing with sunrise, the sunset can better show the beauty of sunshine on golden mountain. You can also use the white tower of Rougbuk Monastery be foreground to increase the depth of field, and strengthen the humanity feel of picture.

Mt Everest Base Camp

You can closely enjoy the Mt.Everest without block at the Mt.Everest Base Camp. You should think hard about how to shoot pictures from special visual angle. You can draw support from the tent camping ground, prayer flags, and national flag and so on.

Mt.Everest Tour – Features of Mt.Everest

As the highest peak in the world, the Mt.Everest attracts many mountain climbers and photographers all over the world. The Mt.Everest district gathers four peaks over 8000 meters and 38 snow covered peaks over 7000 meters. It is the real third pole of the earth. The grand pyramidal mountain of Mt.Everest is eminent among the snow mountains in Tibet. It is not very hard to shoot the Mt.Everest in sunny days. But you should think hard if you want to take innovative and special photos.

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