Travel to Mt. Kailash in 2014
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Travel to Mt. Kailash in 2014

Update: Feb. 7th, 2014

Pilgrims & Visitors at Mt. Kailash

The tradition of making kora around Mt. Kailash to pray for blessing in the year of horse according to the Tibetan Calendar could be dated back to 1000 B.C. 2014 is the year of horse and it is predicted that the number of pilgrims and visitors traveling to Mt. Kailash will be most in recent years.

Travel to Mt. Kailash in 2014 – Scenic Spots near Mt. Kailash

Lake Manasarovar

Tourists planning to travel to Mt. Kailash in 2014 could also visit some scenic spots near Mt. Kailash. Among all the natural and natural spots on Ngari Plateau, Lake Manasarovar is the nearest one to Mt. Kailash. Located in the south of Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar is widely noted as the clearest lake in China. With breathtaking natural landscape, Lake Manasarovar also enjoys high status among the followers of several religions. Numerous pilgrims from different regions of the world would come here to wash their body so as to pray for extending their life expansion or better life.

The number of pilgrims & visitors trekking around Lake Manasarovar is much less that the number of people making kora around Mt. Kailash. It takes 4-5 days to complete the 60km journey around Lake Manasarovar by trekking. There are 8 ancient monasteries distributed around Lake Manasarovar. The monasteries provide simple accommodation for visitors. Generally, the pilgrims would start to trek around the Holy Lake clockwise from the northwest point.

The Ruin of the Guge Kingdom

It will also be well worth to pay a visit to the Ruin of the Guge Kingdom for tourists willing to travel to Mt. Kailash in 2014. Located in Zada County, the Ruin of Guge Kingdom could be dated back to the early period of the 10th Century. The magnificent construction complex was covered in the desert for nearly 300 years since the Tubo Kingdom was disrupted.

A series of statues, sculptures and murals were discovered at the Ruin of the Guge Kingdom, among which the murals here enjoy high reputation. Tourists travel to the historical site would find that the murals here reflected the social life from different aspects. These murals are of great significance in the study and research of the Tubo Culture.

Travel to Mt. Kailash in 2014 – Transportation & Accommodation

There are three routes for tourists traveling to Mt. Kailash in 2014. The Latze-Tsoqin-Gaize-Geji-Gaer-Darchen is noted as the Northern Ngari Route. The Saga-Zhongba-Baga-Darchen is noted as the Southern Ngari Route which is the shortest one among the three routes. The Kashgar-Karghalik-Mazha-Jieshan Mountain Pass-Dorm-Rutog-Gaer-Mentog-Darchen is the third route to Mt. Kailash. It is quite suitable for tourists planning to start their Tibet tour from Xinjiang along the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway. The natural environment along Xinjiang-Tibet Highway is relatively better between May and September and it would be very cold between late September and May of the next year.

Darchen is a small village under Mt. Kailash. It has been widely regarded as the Base Camp for tourists planning to travel to Mt. Kailash in 2014. The guesthouses and restaurants here only provide simple accommodation for visitors and pilgrims. May, June and October are widely accepted as the best months for trekking and sightseeing at Mt. Kailash.

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