Tips for Travel to Namtso Lake in Summer
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Tips for Travel to Namtso Lake in Summer

Update: Aug. 13th, 2014

Namtso Lake

Visitors are always impressed by the breathtaking view of Namtso Lake when they take the first sight of the Holy Lake at La-ken-la Mountain Pass with numourous flying prayer flags. The picturesque natural view of  Lake Namtso always make visitors be reluctant to leave.

For tourists be enthusiastic in photograph, morning and dusk are the best times for taking some good pictures in a day. Tashi Island at Namtso Lake is widely regarded as the best shooting spot. Photographers could take a bird-view of Namtso Lake and take an overview of the snow-capped mountains in distance. A lot of visitors would like to take the Tibetan yaks in their pictures. It is quite necessary to get the permission of the yak keepers so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

The price of the admission ticket of Namtso Lake varies in the shoulder season and the high season. It is CNY120 per person in the high season between May1stt and October 31st, and the price of the admission ticket would drop to CNY 60 per person in the shoulder season between November 1st and April 30th.

With an altitude of 4718 meters, Namtso Lake makes visitors be worried about the possible high altitude sickness. Be frankly, tourists are not advised to go to Namtso Lake before you get a good adaptation in Lhasa City with lower altitude. To avoid the high altitude sickness, tourists are strongly suggested to take some medicine effective in the precaution and relieving of the relevant symptoms in advance. Besides, take a oxygen bottle with you will also help you to get out of the danger if you suffer the high altitude sickness at Namtso Lake.

For tourists willing to spend a night at Namtso Lake, it is necessary to bring a warm sleeping bag with you. The accommodation condition at Namtso Lake is very limited. The weather at Namtso Lake is mainly characterized by changeable and the temperature here is much lower than the other regions in the same latitude due to its high altitude. Besides, a warm jacket is also necessary to cope with the cold weather at Namtso Lake.

Namtso Lake is about 250 kilometers away from Lhasa City and it takes nearly 5 hours driving to get to the lake from the downtown. Summer is the high season for Namtso Lake tour and there are many vehicles on the road. So tourists making a self-help tour to Namtso Lake should pay enough attention to safe driving. Noted as one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, Namtso Lake attracts a large number of visitors and trekking enthusiasts here to trekking around the lake every summer, and the number of pilgrims around Namtso Lake would be even larger in the year of sheep according to the Tibetan calendar.

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