8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet (2)
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8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet (2)

Update: Jun. 25th, 2014

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8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet - High Altitude Sickness

In consideration of the high altitude on Tibet Plateau, there is a risk of catching the high altitude sickness for tourists making a self-help tour in Tibet. Most people from the low-altitude areas will feel under the weather when they are in an environment with an altitude above 2000 meters. It is reported that about 1 percent of visitors coming to Tibet will suffer severe high altitude sickness due to their poor physical adaptability.

Tourists making a self-help tour in Tibet have to take full consideration of the high altitude. It should be noted that even Lhasa has an altitude around 3500 meters. Tourists visiting Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake and Baksumtso Lake have to climb over the mountain passes with an altitude over 5000 meters. Therefore, it is necessary to take a comprehensive physical examination before departure for tourists planning a self-help tour in Tibet. It will be dangerous to enter into Tibet if you are suffering a cold or fever.

For the precaution of the possible high altitude sickness, tourists planning a self-help tour in Tibet are strongly suggested to take some Rhodiola rosea oral liquid about one week in advance. Move slowly and avoid violent exercises on Tibet Plateau are also necessary for the precaution of the high altitude sickness. In addition, visitors are not advised to visit spots with higher altitude before you get a good accustomation to the lower altitude.

8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet - Safety

Tourists making a self-help tour in Tibet don't need to be over worried about the public security in Tibet. Actually, most Tibetans are believe in Tibetan Buddhism, and the local citizens are very kind and friendly to to visitors from different corners of the world. Your Tibet trip will be a safe journey if you respect the local traditions and folk customs. Be frankly, the insecurity factors in Tibet are mainly from the natural environment. Land slide and debris flow happen frequently in the rainy season between July and August. The snowstorm happens frequently in winter and the raods might be blocked. Therefore, tourists making a self-driving tour should avoid the rainy season and the snow season.

8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet - Shopping

A lot of handmade items are suitable to be selected as souvenirs for families and friends, such as the small prayer wheels and some other religious instruments. Noted as the most famous street in Tibet, Barkhor Street is also a shopping paradise for visitors making self-help tour in Tibet. There are numerous Tibetan style accessories varied in materials and prices. Actually, most shops on Barkhor Street allow visitors to bargain on their favorite items. For tourists willing to purchase some precious medicines and accessories, the big specialty stores which can provide invoices are better choices compared to the small shops in consideration of the quality and price of the goods.

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