Three World Cultural Heritages in Tibet
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Three World Cultural Heritages in Tibet

Update: Aug. 14th, 2014

Potala Palace

As the Grand Canal and the Silk Road were taken into the List of the World Cultural Heritage, there are totally 47 world heritages in China. Tourists who've tried to learn something about Tibet might know that there are three world cultural heritages in Tibet - the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Norbu Lingka. These three relics composed the Potala Palace historic and architectural complex in Lhasa City. This article aims at introducing the three world cultural heritages in Tibet to visitors planning to visit Tibet.

Three World Cultural Heritages in Tibet - Potala Palace

Potala Palace historic and architectural complex in Lhasa was listed on the Wolrd Cultural Heritage in 1994. Widely noted as the Pearl of the Roof of the Wolrd, Potala Palace was the power center in the history and acts as the landmark of Tibet currrently. The higheset magnificent palace above the sea level collects rich historical relics and handicrafts, and it also collects the profound Tibetan culture. It has been an pilgrimage center for the followers of Buddhism all around the world. Numerous pilgrims would come to Potala Palace to worship the Buddhas from different regions of the world. And there are even more pilgrims on the important religious festivals.

Potala Palace was constructed in middle 7th century. There are different versions in the reason of the construction of Potala Palace. One version said that this giant palace was constructed to prevent the possible invasion (Songtsen Gampo moved his power center to Potala Palace from Tsedang ever since the Potala Palace was completed). Another version goes that the magnificent palace was constructed for the marrige between Songtsen Gampo and Pricess Wencheng of Chinese Tang Dynasty. Potala Palace is of great value in history, art and science. The original stone and wood are the main material used in the construction of Poatala Palace. For the architectural style of Poatala Palace, it combines both the construction style of Han people and Tibetan people. Currently, it has been a must-visit site for tourists making a Tibet tour for its rich cultural and historical collection.

Three World Cultural Heritages in Tibet - Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple is one of the most splendid constructions which was constructed during the Tubo Kingdom. It is the earliest civil structure construction exists in Tibet. With rich cultural and religious relics, Jokhang Temple has been the most noted monasteries in Tibet. Visitors who've been to Jokhang Temple are always impressed by its golden roof and a lot of photographers would like to take the golden roof into their pictures.

Three World Cultural Heritages in Tibet - Norbu Lingka

Norbu Lingka is widely noted as the Summer Palace of Dalai Lamas. It has been a must-visit site for tourists interested in the traditional Tibetan architectural art. Attractive Tibetan opera performance would be presented in Norbu Lingka during the important festivals. Also Norbu Lingka has been the most popular park for local Tibetans to spend some nice time with their families in the sunny days.

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