Tibet Cultural Tourism Festivals
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Tibet Cultural Tourism Festivals

Update: Jan. 29th, 2014

Tibet Tourism Festivals

Various cultural tourism festivals held in different regions in Tibet attract a large number of tourists interested in both the local natural scenery and cultural landscape. These festivals are characterized by outstanding regional culture and ethnic flavor. It is reported that these festivals play important role in the local tourism industry.

Brief Introduction of Tibet Cultural Tourism Festivals

Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival is one of the most attractive cultural tourism festivals on Tibet Plateau. It provides visitors the chance to experience a quite different spring with breathtaking peach blossom view. In addition, the Nyingchi Tricholoma Matsutake Food Culture Tourism Festival held by Baksumtso Lake provides visitors the chance to enjoy the fascinating natural landscape composed of beautiful lakes and magnificent mountains, and explore the local food culture and folk customs.

Except for the traditional Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, the Qiaqing Horse Racing Art Tourism Festival would also be held in northern Tibet every year. This tourism festival would be held in the season in which visitors could enjoy the most beautiful grassland scenery. Besides, there are also tourism festivals in Shigatse Prefecture. The Western Shigatse Photography Competition aims at attracting more visitors come to Shigatse for sightseeing at Mt. Everest Base Camp. The annual Mt. Everest Cultural Tourism Festival would also carry out a series of activities to present the local folk customs and natural scenery to visitors from different corners of the world.

Celebration Activities of Tibet Cultural Tourism Festivals

A series of traditional competitions play important role in the celebration of certain Tibet cultural tourism festivals. For instance, the horse racing is the highlight of the horse racing art tourism festivals in northern Tibet. The archery competition would also be carried out during the celebration of some tourism festivals so as to make visitors know more about the ancient sports culture on Tibet Plateau. According to the historical record, the archery art could be dated back to further than 2000 years ago and it has been a favorite sport for Tibetans since ancient times.

Tourists who've made a Tibet tour during one of the tourism culture festivals might have found that the traditional Tibetan sport programs (including horse racing, equestrianism, yak racing, bullfight, archery, carrying the stones and push-and-pull) not only exhibited the Tibetan culture, but also attracted visitors to take part in the celebration together and provided them a more unforgettable trip.

Tibet tourism culture festivals also provide visitors an excellent MARKET with various types of local items. Local Tibetans, nomads and tourists could pick up well-worth items during the celebration of the tourism festivals. Among all the handicrafts, the hand-made Tibetan style decorations and accessories and natural medical materials win the most attraction. The wood bowl and wild walnut are good choices for tourists willing to buy some souvenirs for their friends in Nyingchi. The Tibetan style carpets and leather products in Shigatse enjoy high reputation amog visitors. Tourists interested in health care could buy some medical materials during the celebration of the tourism festivals in Nyingchi Prefecture.

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