Travel to Tibet to Enjoy Different Festivals in Different Months
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Travel to Tibet to Enjoy Different Festivals in Different Months

Update: Mar. 19th, 2014

horse racing in Nagqu

February - Tibetan New Year Festival

The weather in Tibet in February is characterized by cold but sunny, and it is not a bad choice to visit Lhasa and Shigatse in such a season. It has been an old tradition for the monasteries to hold a religious ceremony to drive-off the evil of the old year on December 29th according to the Tibetan calendar. Tourists visiting Tibet in February could witness special religious dancing ceremony in Tsurphu Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery and Mindroling Monastery.

The celebration activities of the Tibetan New Year Festival would be collected in the first week of January according to the Tibetan Calendar, but local Tibetans would start to prepare for the celebration in early December according to the Tibetan calendar. Visitors coming to Tibet to participate in the celebration of the Tibetan New Year Festival could enjoy the unique Tibetan opera performance and have a taste of some local snacks especially prepared for the festival.

May- Saga Dawa Festival

Generally, the annual Nyingchi Peach Blossom Cultural Tourism Festival would be celebrated in March. Visitors travel to Tibet and pay a visit to Nyingchi could appreciate the spectacular peach blossom view in different corners in Nyingchi. But foreign tourists could not travel to Tibet in March for Tibet Tourism Bureau would suspend the application of the Tibet Travel Permits every March and Tibet will be reopened to foreign tourists in early April.

The Saga Dawa Festivals would be celebrated on April 15th according to the Tibetan calendar. It is a festival for the pilgrims to show their respect to Sakyamuni. It is a tradition for the pilgrims to make kora around the mountains. Therefore, a large number of Buddhism followers from different corners of the world would travel to Mt. Kailash for pilgrimage during the cleebration of the Saga Dawa Festival.In addition, tourists could also circumambulate around Jokhang Temple to pray for blessing from the Buddha.

June - Gyantse Horse Racing Festival

The coming of June always symbols the coming of the peak season of Tibet tour every year. The annual Gyantse Horse Racing Festival celebrated in June would always attract a large quantity of visitors both at home and abroad. Except for the horse racing, the celebration of this festival also includes some other traditional Tibetan sports, such as yak racing and archery.

August - Shoton Festival

The number of visitors in Tibet tops in August among the 12 months in a year. The most solemn traditional festival - Shoton Festival would be celebrated in August. Grand Buddha exhibition ceremony would be held at Drepung Monastery in Lhasa. Numerous pilgrims would go to Drepung Monastery to show their respect to the Buddha early in the morning on the first celebration day of the Shoton Festival. Also, hilarious traditional performances would be held in Norbu Lingka.

Nagqu Horse Racing Festival would also be celebrated in August every year. Tourists coming to Tibet during the celebration could not only witness the fascinating natural scenery at Namtso Lake, but also explore the profound Tibetan culture from the celebrations.

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