8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet (I)
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8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet (I)

Update: Jun. 19th, 2014

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The mysterious culture & history, breathtaking natural scenery, and devout people on Tibet Plateau keeps attracting visitors from different corners of the world ever since it was opened to foreigners. As a professional Tibet tour operator based in Lhasa, Tibet Tour would like to provide 8 tips for tourists planning a self-help tour in Tibet. These tips would certainly help tourists to better accommodate to the local environment and respect the local traditions.

8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet - Best Travel Season

The period between July and September is widely regarded as the best season to visit most regions on Tibet Plateau. But, tourists are not advised to make a self-driving tour to Tibet during the rainy season between July and August for the natural disasters (such as debris flow and land slide) happen frequently along the highways to Tibet. If tourists really want to make a self-driving tour to Tibet in summer, the Qinghai-Tibet Highway is the best choice among all the highways to Tibet for its road condition ranks first among these highways.

The period between November and February is widely regarded as the low season of Tibet tour. Actually, that season is also a good travel season for there would be much less visitors in Tibet. And it would not be very cold for there is always warm sunshine during the daytime. Ngari Prefecture is only suitable for visiting in the warm season for many sections of the roads in Ngari might be blocked by the snow or ice in the cold season. The climate on Ngari Plateau is mainly characterized by obvious temperature between day and night all year around. For tourists planning to make kora around Mt Kailash, the period between June and September is the best season. Noted as the Switzerland on Tibet Plateau, Nyingchi is suitable for sightseeing all year around.

8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet - Clothes

Tourists planning to make a self-help tour in Tibet in spring and winter should prepare warm clothes for the low temperature in the morning and the night. Tourists making a self-help tour in Lhasa in summer need to prepare trousers and long-sleeved clothes to cope with the strong sunshine during the daytime and the low temperature in the night. No matter you are coming to Tibet for sightseeing in which season, the sunglasses, sun-blocking cream, sun bonnet, and lipstick are very necessary.

8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet - Transportation

The world famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway had been opened to traffic since July, 2006. There are direct trains to Lhasa from Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xining, Lanzhou, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Most sections of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway are in parallel, and tourists entering in Tibet along the Railway and Highway could see breathtaking view on the way to Lhasa. Lhasa Gonggar Airport had opened the direct flights to Chengdu, Chongqing, XiAn, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qamdo and Kathmandu. For tourists willing to enjoy the picturesque natural landscape along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, entering into Tibet by train is a pretty good choice. For tourists have a relatively shorter vacation, traveling to Tibet by air would be a better choice.

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