8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet (3)
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8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet (3)

Update: Jun. 25th, 2014

Namtso view

8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet - Necessary Equipments

Tourists making a self-help tour in Tibet are strongly suggested to prepare two medicine boxes. The bigger one should be packed into your luggage while the smaller one should be carried with you through out the journey. Some basic and frequently used medicines should be prepared in advance, such as the aspirin, coldrine,vitamin C, pectoral syrup and so on. In addition, medicines effective in dealing with the acute gastroenteritis and headache should also be prepared in advance.

The ultraviolet radiation on Tibet Plateau is much stronger than the sunshine radiation in the areas with the same latitude due to the high altitude and thin air in Tibet. Tourists planning a self-help tour in Tibet should note that the strong ultraviolet radiation might hurt your skin and eyes. Therefore, the sunglasses and sun cap are very necessary equipments. For the protection of your eyes, tourists making a self-help tour in Tibet are not advised to wear contact lenses.

Sun-blocking cream and lipsticks should should be prepared to protect your skin and lips from the strong sunshine radiation on Tibet Plateau. It is said that the Tibetan oil tea and sweet tea are also helpful in protecting your lips from the dry air on Tibet Plateau. For tourists willing to visit the rare-populated regions in Tibet, it is necessary to prepare some solid food and beverage.

8 Tips for Self-help Tour in Tibet - Traditions & Taboos

Hada presenting is a traditional etiquette for greeting the visitors in Tibet. The hada carries the hosts' respect and warm welcome. With a length of 1.5 - 2 meters, most hadas are while, and there are also blue colored or yellow colored hadas. Generally, visitors will be greeted with a white hada and the yellow hada would always be presented to the Buddhas or very important guests.

While visiting the the Buddhism monasteries or mani piles, it is necessary to walk clockwise. On the contrary, visitors are required to walk anticlockwise while visiting the monasteries of Bon. Tourists might see prayer wheels in or around the monasteries in different regions in Tibet. It is a tradition to rotate the prayer wheels clockwise and visitors should always respect this tradition.

Tourists making a self-help tour in Tibet should note that it is a taboo to smoke, touch the scriptures or religious instruments in the monasteries without permission. Camera is forbidden in most monasteries and the chapels in the Tibetan families. It is a taboo to touch the head of the Tibetans. Valid ID card will be required while booking the admission tickets of some scenic spots.

For tourists planning to do some trekking activities in the remote area, it is necessary to prepare a warm sleeping bag in advance. In addition, the temperature at the scenic spots (such as Mt. Everest Base Camp and Namtso Lake) with higher altitude would be very low in the night, a warm sleeping bag could ensure visitors a good rest in the night.

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