Shopping Tips for Self-help Tourists in Lhasa
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Shopping Tips for Self-help Tourists in Lhasa

Update: Jul. 3rd, 2014

Barkhor Street

There are many local specialties in Tibet and most visitors would like to purchase some interesting items as souvenirs for families and friends. As an experienced Tibet tour operator based in Lhasa, Tibet Tour would like to provide some shopping tips for self-help tourists in Lhasa.

Tourists making a self-help tour in Lhasa could see some local style handicrafts on the streets in Lhasa, and some of them are really good choices as souvenir. It is necessary to keep a cool head while shopping in Lhasa, or you might find the items you bought is useless or even not suitable for being presented as gifts at all.

Shopping Tips for Self-help Tourists in Lhasa - Tibetan Medicines

Tibet is quite noted for its traditional medical culture and a lot of visitors would like to buy some Tibetan medicines for healthcare. Saffron crocus, cordyceps, stellaria decumbens and some other rare medicinal materials grow in the extremely high altitude areas are the most popular goods in the medicine market. In addition, there are also some secret made Tibetan medicines effective in curing certain diseases and only available in Tibet. To avoid buy some fake medicines with expensive price, self-help tourists in Lhasa are strongly suggested to pay a visit to the official Tibetan medicine hospital or medicine factory where there are doctors can give you professional medical advices.

Shopping Tips for Self-help Tourists in Lhasa - Handicrafts

The Tibetan weaving culture is quite noted for its long history, rich species and distinct local style. The local carpet enjoys high reputation among tourists interested in handicrafts. There are carpets made from different materials, such as sheep's wool and yaks' wool. Tourists might know that the Tibetan carpets, Turkey carpets and Persia carpets are noted as the best top 3 carpets around the world. The Tibetan carpets are quite noted for its unique weaving method, bright color, and good hand feeling. Also, the special Tibetan style decorative patterns add more attraction for the local carpets.

Shopping Tips for Self-help Tourists in Lhasa - Tibetan Accessories

Self-help tourists willing to purchase some Tibetan accessories are strongly suggested to pay a visit to Barkhor Street around Jokhang Temple. Beautiful accessories made of various materials are of great attraction for visitors from different corners of the world. The natural stones, corals, silver and animal bones are commonly used in the handmade accessories in Tibet. Tourists planning to buy some local accessories for your friends could also pay a visit to the night market where you can bargain on the goods. It is possible to select some interesting items with a small amount of money.

Besides, self-tourists interesting Tibetan Buddhism could also buy some religion related items as souvenir for this trip. The small prayer wheels and thangkas are always the mark of Tibetan culture. Most thangkas present the local history, culture, folk customs or important ceremonies. The price of the thangkas varies according to the material and craftsmanship, and self-help tourists willing to choose a high-quality one are strongly suggested to pay a visit to the exclusive store in case getting a fake one with expensive price.

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