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Xining Transportation

Update: Sep. 19th, 2012


Xining is regarded as the gateway of Tibet. It is also one of the stations of Qinghai-Tibet railway. As the the capital of Qinghai Province, and the fame of population destination during Tibet tour, Xining has a relative convenient transportation. The airline, train, taxi, long-distance buses could be chose as you wish. Are you planing a Tibet tour from Xining, too?

Xining Transportation - Airline

Xining airport is about 29 kilometers away from the downtown. The airport bus usually costs 5 RMB per person. If you take a taxi between the two destinations, you would probably spend 50 RMB.

There are many non-stop airlines between Xining and other domestic cities of China, such as Xining - Shanghai, Chengdu - Xining, Chongqing - Xining, Dunhuang - Xining, Golmud - Xining, Guangzhou - Xining, Kunming - Xining, Lhasa - Xining, Shenzhen - Xining, Urumqi - Xining, Beijing - Xining and Xi'an - Xining, which some of them are not operated daily. It is better to contact us before you booking it. Or call 81746122052 to ask for accurate information. Their working time is generally from 8:30-12:00, 2:00-5:30 daily.

Xining Transportation - Train

Xining is the junction of Qinghai - Tibet railway with extended railway network. The railway station is located at Qilian Road. Heading to Tibet, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Qingdao, Golmud and other cities are acceptable from Xining.

But Tibet Travel Permits are required to board to the train to Lhasa Tibet. Otherwise you will be refused to board.

Xining Transportation - Long-distance Buses

Long-distance buses heading to Tibet, Sinkiang and Sichuan Province are available in Xining,the same as in other cites, such as Gandu, Golmud, and Kumbum Monastery.

Xining Long-distance buses station is located in north of Jianguo Road, about 600 meters south from railway station. No,1, No. 5, No. 9, No. 11, No. 32 could take you there.

Xining Transportation - Public Buses

There are plenty public buses operated in Xining. Generally speaking, these buses can be divided into self-service buses and pint-size buses. Self-service buses are commonly to see, which usually serve in downtown and suburbs. Before boarding the bus, you need to prepare some change for the fare.

The pint-size buses are usually operated from No. 101 to No. 109, except No. 80 and No. 81. No. 0 and No. 81 usually costs 1 CNY per person.

Xining Transportation - Taxi

In Xining, it is easy for you to find a taxi and they usually start from CNY6 for 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) and distance surcharge is CNY1.10 for each additional kilometer (0.6 miles).

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