Mt.Everest Tour – Send Postcard at Mt.Everest China Post Office
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Mt.Everest Tour – Send Postcard at Mt.Everest China Post Office

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Mt.Everest CHina Post Office

Many travelers who have Mt.Everest tour may have the same wish - to share the happy moment at Mt.Everest with family members and friends. After the China Post Office was set up on the Mt.Everest, travelers can send out post cards from the roof of the world to other places in the world.

Mt.Everest Tour- Introduction of China Post Office at Mt.Everest

The Beijing Olympic torch reached Mt.Everest in May, 2008. In order to meet the post need of various people, Tibet Autonomous Region Post Company set up post office at the Mt.Everest Base Camp where altitude is 5300 meters. It is said that the post office at Mt.Everest Base Camp is the highest post office above the sea level in the world.

There are three officials in the Mt.Everest Base Camp Post Office, one director, one comprehensive official and one courier. The available time of the Mt.Everest Base Camp Post Office is from the end of April to August. In order to ensure the post can be delivered in time, the post office in Shigatse set up temporarily post road from Tingri to Mt.Everest Base Camp.

Mt.Everest Tour – Send Post Cards at Mt.Everest China Post Office

The Mt.Everest Base Camp Post office will be open at 10:00 in the morning, close at 18:00 in the afternoon and have a break at noon. There is a postmark mark suit that 25 CNY for five postmarks and post it for you. Each postmark at the Mt.Everest Base Camp Post Office is 5 CNY. Most travelers have Mt.Everest tour would like to stamp several postmarks at the highest post office in the world.

The cost of sending a postcard to Beijing is about 3 CNY, sending a postcard to UK is about 10 CNY.

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