Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour
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Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour

Update: Sep. 18th, 2012


Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour – Transportation

The Mt.Everest is about 100 kilometers away from the China Nepal Friendship Highway. It is easy to find convenience vehicle to Old Tingri in Shigatse and Lhatse. But it is very hard to find convenience vehicle from the Old Tingri to Mt.Everest Base Camp. Hence, it will be better to rent vehicle at Lhasa. If your Mt.Everest Tour starts from Lhasa, you can go the route of Lhasa- Nagarze-Karo-la Glacier-Gyantse-Shigatse-Old Tingri-Mt.Everest Base Camp. On the way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yamdrok Lake, Karo-la Glacier and the Palkhor Monastery in Gyantse. In tourism season, there is regular bus to Mt.Everest Base Camp in Shigatse. The price of bus ticket is 265 RMB. The departure date of the regular bus is not fixed. There is one bus in three to four days. Hence, please first figure out the departure date in advance if you want to take the regular bus.

Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour – Permits

If you want to have Mt.Everest tour, you need to handle Alien's Travel Permit. When you have Mt.Everest Tour, our local guide will help you handle the Alien's Travel Permit with your passport, Tibet Travel Permit and other certifications.

Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour – Entrance Ticket

The entrance ticket of Mt.Everest is 180 CNY for each person. Each vehicle to the Mt.Everest should pay 400 CNY/600 CNY as pollution charge.

Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour – Accommodation

Based on your arrival time, you can choose stay at New Tingri, Tashizong or the tent area which is about 4 kilometers away from the Mt.Everest Base Camp. If you worry about high altitude sickness, you can stay in New Tingri where altitude is low and the condition of guesthouses is better. But, to stay in the tent area will be more convenience to enjoy the sunrise in next morning. If you want to trek to enjoy the sunrise, please take head lamp or flashlight with you. The trekking journey from tent area to Mt.Everest Base Camp is about 1 hour. You also can take carriage to the Mt.Everest Base Camp, which cost is about 50 CNY.

If you do not want to stay in tent, there is Rongbuk Monastery Guest House near to Mt.Everest Base Camp. The price of guest house is 25 CNY for each bed. There is a restaurant in front of Rongbuk Monastery which managed by a Tibetan guy.

Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour – Communication

There is base station of China Mobile Communication Corp at the Rougbuk Monastery. The GSM signal reception can cover the pass of Mt.Everest Base Camp.

Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour – Clothes

The temperature range in daytime and at night is very large, and the weather is changeable. Please take enough clothes in your Mt.Everest Tour. The temperature at night is very low at the high altitude area even in summer, so please take down coat with you.

Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour – High Altitude Sickness

The altitude of Mt.Everest Base Camp is 5200 meters. The way to Mt.Everest will climb over two mountain passes which higher than 5000 meters. Travelers may appear different degree high altitude sickness. Please take some rhodiolae or some other anti fatigue medicine in advance, take good rest, and do not drink alcohol or do exercise.

Useful Strategies for Mt. Everest Tour - UV Protection

The air in high altitude districts is very dry and thin. Adding the reflect of glacier, snow, and water surface, the ultraviolet rays are very strong, Please prepare sunscream, sun glasses, hat and lipstick for your Mt.Everest Tour.

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