Entrance Guard system and Official Website of Namtso Lake Scenic Area
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Entrance Guard system and Official Website of Namtso Lake Scenic Area

Update: Jun. 3rd, 2014

Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake Scenic Area had received more than 40 thousands visitors both at home and abroad since June 2014 according to statistics provided by the administration office. The staff in the ticket booking office and checking counter of the scenic area were always terribly busy due to the laggard administration. The staff at the checking counter had to check the tickets one by one, and the low working efficiency made visitors to wait for a pretty longtime outside in the peak hours.

Entrance Guard system of Namtso Lake Scenic Area

To improve the working efficiency, Namtso Lake Scenic Area decides to enable the entrance guard system in this July. Tourists could purchase the admission ticket of Namtso Lake in the local ticket office or on the official website. At the same time, visitors could get your ticket checked by the entrance guard system instead of getting it checked by the staff. Just as the visitors in the other scenic spots with advanced entrance guard system, visitors at the holy lake could enjoy a convenient and efficient service then. The electronic instrument of the entrance guard system could identify the bar code on the admission tickets, and visitors could enter into the scenic area in a very short time.

The adoption of the entrance guard system will greatly improve the level of the management at Namtso Lake. Also it is effective in avoiding the speculative reselling and cheating on the entrance tickets of Lake Namtso. Currently, Tibet has entered into the peak tourism season. Noted as one of the most attractive natural sites near Lhasa, Namtso Lake Scenic Area has been a must-visit site for most visitors.

Official Website of Namtso Lake Scenic Area

A large number of visitors would stand in line to purchase the admission ticket of Namtso Lake in front of the ticket office or get their tickets checked in front of the checking counter in the high season. It is reported that visitors planning to pay a visit to Namtso Lake are expected to book the admission ticket of Namtso Lake on its official website. Potala Palace opened its official website in May and Namtso Lake is expected to open its official website in July. While booking the admission tickets on internet, tourists are required to provide valid identity information.

With an altitude around 4718 meters, Namtso Lake will get frozen in the cold season. It is reported that the surface of Namtso Lake has unfrozen since May 15th, with the increasing of the temperature. Visitors could enjoy a more breathtaking lake view compared to the winter season. There are more than 2000 visitors come to Namtso Lake everyday since it was opened to public in spring. The number of visitors at Namtso Lake keeps increasing with the coming of summer.

Be different from Potala Palace, there is no restriction on the daily number of visitors at Namtso Lake Scenic Area so far. Tourists could get into the scenic area smoothly during the opening hours. It takes about 5 hours driving to get to Namtso Lake from Lhasa.

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