Pilgrimage Tour to Mt. Kailash
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Pilgrimage Tour to Mt. Kailash

Update: Jul. 30th, 2014


Tourists who've been to Ngari Prefecture must be impressed by the devout plgrims moving toward Mt. Kailash by body-length prostration. And the number of pilgrims on the way to Mt. Kailash or making kora around Mt. Kailash would be even larger in the Year of Horse according to the Tibetan Calendar. For the followers of Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism and Bon, it has been an old tradition to make kora around the Holy Mountain in the Year of Horse (because Buddha Sakyamuni was born in the Year of Horse).

With an altitude of 6721 meters, Mt. Kailash is the second highest mountain of the Gangdise Mountains. Located by Lake Manasarovar on Ngari Plateau, Mt. Kailash is highly respected as the Center of the World in the mind of the followers of Buddhism, Hinduism and Bon around the world. A large number of pilgrims would like to make kora around Mt. Kailash to wash away their guilty and pray for happiness in the warm season between May and September every year, and the number of pilgrims and visitors at Mt. Kailash would be even larger in the Year of Horse. 2014 is the year of horse according to the Tibetan calendar.

Mt. Kailash is not the highest mountain on Ngari Plteau, but its snow-capped mountain top could shine surious light under the sunshine. It has been a must-visit holy place for the pilgrims and explorers around the world in the centuries. It is reported that there is no one conquered Mt. Kailash yet. But the number of pilgrims come to make kora around Mt. Kailash keeps increasing in recent years. The outer circumambulation around Mt.Kailash is about 55 kilometers in total. Most visitors could finish the circumambulation in two days. Certainly, it will take much more time to make kora around Mt.Kailash by body-length prostration.

All pilgrims and visitors visiting Mt.Kailash in Ngari Prefecture are required to apply for the required permits, such as the Tibet Travel Permit and the Boder Pass. Originally, the tibet tour operators based in Lhasa could help visitors to apply for the relevant permits if you provide the required documents in advance. But, domestic visitors are required to apply for the Boder Pass in the local bureau of public security in your registered residence since April 24th, 2014.

Darchen is widely noted as the base camp of Mt.Kailash. Both pilgrims and visitors could take a rest at Darchen before making kora around Mt. Kailash. There are few guesthouses and restaurants at Darchen. Simple Tibetan style food and Sichuan style dishes would be available here. Besides, tourists making kora around Mt.Kailash with a large amount of luggage could rent a yark and employ a yak keeper at Darchen. It is necessary to minimize your luggage before trekking in consideration of the high altitude at Mt. Kailash (with an average altitude over 4800 meters).

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