Tips for Photography Fans in Tibet
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Tips for Photography Fans in Tibet

Update: Feb. 25th, 2014

different view of Potala Palace

A large number of visitors in Tibet are attracted by the fascinating natural landscape on Tibet Plateau and it has been a must-do thing to take some beautiful pictures for photography fans in Tibet. As an experienced Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide some practical tips for photography fans in Tibet.

Tips for Photographing Fans in Tibet – Photographing the Star at Namtso Lake

Except for the natural sites with breathtaking scenery, the ancient monasteries with profound Buddhism culture are also must-visit sites for tourists especially interested in photographing. It should be noted that photographing is prohibited in some monasteries and certain places of the monasteries. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for permission before photographing so as to avoid unnecessary troubles during the Tibet tour.

With an average altitude of higher than 3500 meters, Tibet Plateau makes people feel closer to the sky. Except for the bright sunshine in the daytime, the star view in the night on Tibet Plateau is also of great attraction for the photography fans in Tibet. It is reported that scenic spots with higher altitude (such as Namtso Lake and Mt. Everest Base Camp) are good places for shooting the star view. Besides, tourists have strong interest in the star view are kindly suggested to avoid the rainy season for the night rainfall happens frequently in the rainy season.

Namtso Lake is about 250 kilometers away from Lhasa City. It attracts large number of visitors with its breathtaking natural view composed of snow capped mountains and clear lake. The temperature drops rapidly in the night at Namtso Lake. Therefore, tourists willing to photographing the starry sky at Namtso Lake are highly advised to prepare warm clothes to cope with the cold temperature in the night.

Tips for Photographing Fans in Tibet – Photographing the Potala Palace

Potala Palace is a must-visit site for tourists travel to Lhasa. Except for its rich collection, Potala Palace also attracts photographers with its magnificent construction complex. It is said that the Yaowang Hill on the east side of Potala Square is the best place to take an overview of Potala Palace. The experienced photographers would like to take photos for Potala Palace at Yaowang Hill at the sunset. Potala Palace looks even more magnificent and mysterious in the sunset glow.

Visitors willing to take the frontal view of Potala Palace should note that the Potala Square is the best photographing place. The night view of Potala Palace is quite splendid when its lights were turned on. The music fountain on Potala Square adds more interesting factors for tourists willing to photograph Potala Palace. The reflection of Potala Palace in the pool located in the east of Potala Palace is also a good photographing angle for visitors. For tourists willing to take a view of the back of Potala Palace, the Dragon King Park in the north of Potala Palace is a good photographing place.

Tourists visiting Potala Palace should note that photographing is forbidden once you arrive at the ticket barrier. It is necessary to respect the local rules in consideration of the protection of the valuable historical relics in Potala Palace.

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