Lhasa Western Food Restaurants – Dunya Restaurant
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Lhasa Western Food Restaurants – Dunya Restaurant

Update: Aug. 31st, 2012

Dunya Restaurant

Dunya Restaurant is one of the most famous western food restaurants in Lhasa. It enjoys high reputation among tourists from western countries for its European style decoration and local western food. Tibet Tour would like to make a brief introduction about the Dunya Restaurant, including its decoration style and highly recommended dishes.

Lhasa Western Food Restaurants – Brief Introduction of Dunya Restaurant

Dunya Restaurant is next to Yak Hotel, located on East Beijing Road, Lhasa. Seen from the outside, it keeps a simple Tibetan style. But the interior decorations in the restaurant will make you feel that you were in a restaurant located in a small European town. The overall arrangement and decorations present a typical European style from the setting of the tables to the atmosphere created by the soft light.

Dunya means "the whole world". Its owner settled here after traveled the world. It seems that Lhasa is really a unique and charming city. Dunya Restaurant is always crowded by guests from all over the world on lunch & dinner time. Tourists planning to visit here are highly advised to make a reservation in advance. It would be opened between 12:00 and 23:00. It should be noted that Dunya Restaurant would be closed since Halloween Festival and be opened four months later every year.

Lhasa Western Food Restaurants – Recommended Dishes in Dunya Restaurant

Dunya Restaurant always attracts tourists from the western countries since the European flavor here made them feel like home. The local guides would always recommend Dunya Restaurant to guests willing to take some western style food. Dunya Restaurant provides pretty local European style food. Before tasting the food, some of the tourists would be curious about the owners of the restaurant. Actually, tourists could read in the menu that it is managed by an American-Dutch couple with the help of their Tibetan friends.

The menu of Dunya Restaurant is quite similar to that in the restaurants in European countries. The steaks cooked by the chefs here enjoy high reputation among tourists for its local flavor. Besides, the yak burgers, cheese dumplings, pizza and various kinds of desserts could always meet the appetite of the foreign tourists. Besides, Dunya Restaurant also provides certain Tibetan cuisine to meet the demand of tourists. It would be an interesting experience to watch over the busy Tibetan style street while enjoying the European cuisine.

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