Tibetan Food – Yampachen Boiled Egg
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Tibetan Food – Yampachen Boiled Egg

Update: Dec. 26th, 2012

Yampachen Boiled Egg

Tibetan Food – Brief Introduction of Yampachen Boiled Egg

If you have Tibet tour in winter, the Yampachen Hot Spring can be a must-visit sight spot in your itinerary. The number of hot springs at Yampachen is the largest in China. At Yampachen, there are large-scale fountain and geyser, hot spring, thermal spring, boiling spring, hot-water lake, etc. The hot spring of Yampachen is with rich mineral substances. Several kinds of disease can be cured if you have bath in the hot spring. In addition, the hot spring of Yampachen also can cook delicious Tibetan boiled eggs. The Tibetan boiled eggs which are cooked in Yampachen Hot Spring are with delicate fragrance of egg. And the egg white is as smooth and tender as mutton fat jade. The boiled eggs which are cooked in Yampachen Hot Spring are with different shape, fragrance and taste from eggs cooked in common water.

When you cook egg in Yampachen Hot Spring, the egg white is very smooth and the egg yolk has been cooked thoroughly.

Tibetan Food – Eating of Yampachen Boiled Egg

In general, Tibetans will cook the eggs in the hot spring which temperature is about 85 degree to 95 degree for thirty to forty minutes. Then, take out the eggs from the water to eat at any time.

When shell the egg which was cooked in Yampachen Hot Spring, you should not break the egg at anywhere and causally shell. Since the egg white is very tender, you should slightly break the top part of the egg and carefully shell the egg. You should not put forth your strength to the hand which is holding the egg, or the egg may be slip out and fall on the ground for overexertion.

The egg white of egg which is boiled in the Yampachen Hot Spring is as smooth and tender as yoghurt. You may think the egg is not cooked thoroughly when you see the egg white is so smooth and gentle. But the egg has been cooked thoroughly. The egg white of eggs cooked in Yampachen Hot Spring is same, no matter how cook.

The taste of Yampachen boiled eggs is very special. You may eat one egg once. Some people may eat about ten one time.

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