Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa - Makya Ame
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Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa - Makya Ame

Update: Sep. 3rd, 2012

Makya Ame Restaurant

Makye Ame is located on Barkhor Street in Lhasa City. It is a typical local Tibetan food restaurant which also provide some typical Nepali and Indian food. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide some information about Makye Ame for tourists planning a Tibet tour since it has been one of the must-go places in old Lhasa City.

Tibetan Food Restaurant - Brief Introduction of Makya Ame

Makya Ame, firstly appeared in the love poems wrote by Tsangyang Gyatso - the 6th Dalai Lama. It is said that Makye Ame is the name of his beloved girl. The 2-storey earthy yellow building was said to be their trysting place. It has been one of the most attractive buildings on the ancient Barkhor Street. The terrace on the second floor of Makya Ame is said to be the best place to take an overview of the hilarious Barkhor Street, which is always crowded by local businessmen, tourists and pilgrims from all over the world.

Makya Ame is a restaurant rich in local Tibetan flavor. It is exquisitely decorated by a lot of Tibetan artworks and handicrafts. The simple and cozy decoration in the restaurant would always make tourists feel relaxing. There are some interesting gust books on the table and tourists here would always leave some interesting messages in the books, especially the couple tourists. Makya Ame also collected all the messages in a book and get it published. Tourists here could by a unique guest book here as a special souvenir of your lifetime Tibet tour.

Tibetan Food Restaurant - Recommended Dishes of Makya Ame

Makya Ame provides local Tibet food. It collected the typical dishes of various regions in Tibet Autonomous Region. To meet the appetite of tourists from all over the world, the chefs in Makya Ame explored a series of traditional but improved Tibetan cuisine since some of the tourists couldn't get adapted to the real local flavor very well. Hence, tourists planning to make a visit to Makya Ame during the stay in Lhasa don't have to be worried about the taste of the food here.

The roast mutton chop provided by Makya Ame enjoys high reputation among tourists who've been here. The secret sauce explored by Makya Ame made the chop tastes more tender and crisp compared to the fried chop provided by other restaurants in Lhasa. The fried beef with pickled radish is one of the most common Tibetan dishes. It always is always favored by guests willing to try something rich in local flavor. Besides, a series of common Tibetan cuisine, such as Tsampa and Tibetan butter tea are also available in Makya Ame.


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