Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa - Tibet Steak House
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Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa - Tibet Steak House

Update: Jan. 23rd, 2013

Tibet Steak House

Tibet Steak House is one of the most famous western food restaurants in Lhasa City. It is located on Beijing Middle Road. The local Tibetan guides would always recommend it to tourists who couldn't get used to the Tibetan food and prefer the western foods. As a professional Tibet tour operator based in Lhasa, Tibet Tour would also like to provide related information about the Tibet Steak House for tourists' reference.

Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Brief Introduction of Tibet Steak House

Various restaurants stand by both sides of Beijing Middle Road, one of the most prosperous and hilarious roads in Lhasa City. Tibet Steak House is very outstanding among the numerous restaurants. Actually, it is a restaurant characterized by deep Tibetan flavor. The graceful environment decorated by colorful Tibetan style lamps and paintings with a typical prairie landscape. It provides you the chance to experience the Tibetan cultural atmosphere while enjoy your delicious food.

Tibet Steak House not only provides local western food, Tibet food and Chinese food, but also provides Korean food, Thai food and Nepal food. It is has been one of the most highly recommended western food restaurants in Lhasa for its comfortable environment and delicious food. Tourists making a visit to the restaurant would find the Tibet Steak House is a restaurant favored by local Tibetans, tourists from other regions of China and abroad.

Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Recommended Dishes in Tibet Steak House

Yoghurt is one of the most common foods on Tibet Plateau and there are many ways of eating yoghurt, but the fried yoghurt provided by Tibet Steak House is quite different from other kinds of yoghurt you ate before. The fried yoghurt is one of the most highly recommended desserts in Tibet Steak House. It was made from dried fresh milk. It was kneaded into small pellets first and then fried in the Tibetan butter. Most of the guests ordered this dish would like to eat it with honey.

The steppe roast mutton chop is the special dish provided by the chef of Tibet Steak House. Though most of the western food restaurants provide various kinds of roast mutton chop, the roast mutton chops here really enjoys a high reputation. It attracts the guests with its special smell, color and taste. It adopted the superior mutton chops and the making process is quite complicated. It would be stewed firstly and then fried in the peanut oil, finally be fried in the Tibetan butter.

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