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Lhasa Food

Update: Sep. 12th, 2012

Tibetans drinking Tibetan butter tea

Tourists planning Lhasa Tours don't need to be worried about the accommodation problem in Lhasa. Various styles of hotels and restaurants are available in Lhasa. This article aims at introducing some local style Lhasa food for tourists' reference.

Most of the restaurants in Lhasa provide local Tibetan style and Sichuan style foods and snacks. To meet the appetite of foreign tourists, some of the restaurants also provide western style food. To make tourists learn more about the culture and daily life of local Tibetans, Tibet Tour would like to introduce some local Tibetan foods in Lhasa which are only available in Tibet.

Lhasa Food – Tsampa

Tsampa is the staple Lhasa food. Tibetans will have Tsampa for the three meals in a day. The name of Tsampa may sounds very special. In fact, the raw material of Tsampa is barley flour, which similar to the fried flour in Northern China. But the fried flour in Northern China is grinded first and then fried while the making process of barley flour in Tibet is just inverted. Tsampa is the main food for local Tibetans and it would be on there dining table every meal.

Tourists making a Tibet tour in Lhasa would find the local Tibetans always eat Tsampa with ghee. They would first put a little ghee into a blow, pour some tea, and add some barley flour, then mix them. Then put the barley flour into a bowl, add some butter tea and water into it and stir it continuously until it can be pinched into pellets. Tibetans will use hand to mix the barley flour and pinch it into dollop when have it, and use hand to put the tsamba into mouth. In general, Tibetans do not use chopsticks or spoon when have meals, but use hands to grad. This eating habit is quite similar to that of Indians.

Lhasa Food – Tibetan Butter Tea

Butter is a kind of cream extracted from the milk which is characterized by rich nutrition and vitamins. It plays important role in the daily life of Tibetans. The local Tibetans always take it with Tsampa. They would drink tea with butter or toasted the butter into others types of foods. Generally, tourists planning a Tibet tour and make a visit to the local Tibetan families would be greeted by a bowl of Tibet butter tea. It is an ancient tradition to greet the guests with a Tibet butter tea.

Milky tea is another kind of local drinks on Tibet Plateau which was also called sweet tea. Tourists couldn't accept the Tibetan butter tea well might be better adapted to the taste of the sweet tea. Actually, there are two kinds of milky tea: one is put in milk or milk and salt into the boiled tea. The other one is much more popular which will additionally put sugar in.

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