Special Teahouses in Lhasa – Lhasa Revolution Teahouse
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Special Teahouses in Lhasa – Lhasa Revolution Teahouse

Update: Sep. 5th, 2012

Lhasa Revolution Teahouse

Lhasa Revolution Teahouse is the collecting center of the big talkers in Lhasa. A lot of local Tibetans have been here around 9:00 a.m. while the streets are remaining quiet. Some of the hospitable local Tibetans would always like to pay the bill for the tourists sitting next to them though they never know you and will not meet you again.

Special Teahouses in Lhasa – Brief Introduction of Lhasa Revolution Teahouse

Step into the Revolution Teahouse, tourists would find that the decoration is pretty simple and crude. The ranks of glasses are the only decoration in the house. But tourists here could meet a lot of Tibetan talkers, who always spend their leisure time here with a cup of tea. It would be a wonderful opportunity to explore the local culture by listen the ancient history or interesting stories happened in Tibet.

Lhasa Revolution Teahouse would always be crowded with both local Tibetans and tourists since noon. The local Tibetans used to invite their friends and spend their leisure time in Revolution Teahouse by sharing the interesting stories with a cup of tea. Teahouse always plays an important role in the daily life of local Tibetans. Tourists could see a lot of teahouses on the ancient street, but the Revolution Teahouse would always be the most hilarious one.

Special Teahouses in Lhasa – Recommended Dishes in Lhasa Revolution Teahouse

The sweet tea offered by Lhasa Revolution Teahouse enjoys high reputation among the local Tibetans. Tourists visiting here would find that everyone here has a cup of sweet tea in hand. Drinking sweet tea has been a tradition for local Tibetans in Lhasa though it was not originated in Tibet as the butter oil tea. The sweet tea is boiled from the black tea and local Tibetans used to add some fresh milk in it before drinking.

Besides, the Tibetan noodle and Tibetan steamed stuffed bun are also two of the most highly recommended dishes in Lhasa Revolution Teahouse. Though the making process of the Tibetan noodle here looks very simple, but the Tibetan style condiments would make it tastes pretty special. It is the breakfast for a lot of local Tibetans. The filling of the Tibetan steamed stuffed bun here integrated the yak beef, cabbage and pepper. It is a favored by local Tibetans but tourists are not advised to take a try if you couldn't eat some spicy food.

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