Western Food Restaurant in Lhasa – Snowland Restaurant
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Western Food Restaurant in Lhasa – Snowland Restaurant

Update: Jan. 23rd, 2013

Lhasa Snowland Restaurant

Tibet keeps attracting a large number of overseas tourists with its fascinating natural landscapes and special culture. The local Tibetan food restaurants attract a lot of tourists to take a taste of the local diets while some of tourists from America or some other Europe countries preferring to choose the western food restaurants since sometimes the Tibetan food couldn't meet their appetite. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to introduce tourists the highly recommended Tibetan food restaurants and this article would like to recommend the noted Snowland Restaurant for tourists' reference.

Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Brief Introduction of Snowland Restaurant

The Snowland Restaurant is next to the Snowland Hotel, located at the north side of Jokhang Temple. It presents a typical Tibetan style look since it is decorated by various Tibetan style factors, such as Tibetan Thangkas. All the desks and chairs in the restaurant are covered with Tibetan style tablecloth. Tourists would feel like you are coming to a typical Tibetan home once you enter into the restaurant. The deep red carpet, yellow flower and the soft music in the restaurant would make you feel relaxing.

The Snowland Restaurant attracts tourists with its good environment and delicious foods. Most of the tourists would like to take all their meals in this restaurant during their stay in Lhasa City. The complete set of western tableware with various condiments which would be commonly used while eating the western food would make you believe that this restaurant really majors in western food. There are only 26 tables in the Snowland Restaurant and would be opened between 07:30-23:00 generally. A lot of tourists would like to come here for lunch and tourists planning to have lunch here are highly advised to make a reservation in advance.

Western Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Recommended Dishes in Snowland Restaurant

The yoghurt cake provided by the Snowland Restaurant really enjoys high reputation among tourists who've been here. It has been one of the most highly recommended dishes in the restaurant. It integrates the sweet and sour harmoniously and would not make you feel doucereux or too milky. Some of the tourists are fond of ordering a pot of coffee and a yoghurt cake to spend their cosey afternoon sitting by a window of the restaurant.

The saffron crocus mutton chop is another noted dish in the Snowland Restaurant. The saffron crocus and bean flour are the main auxiliary material of the special dish. It tastes pretty fresh and delicious. It is said that tourists who have a mild symptoms of altitude sickness might get better after you taking this dish. Besides, the sesame mutton chop provided by the Snoeland Restaurant also enjoys high reputation among tourists. It is a typical dish characterized by crisp and tender.

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