Special Bars in Lhasa - Lhasa Low House Music Bar
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Special Bars in Lhasa - Lhasa Low House Music Bar

Update: Sep. 5th, 2012

Lhasa Low House Music Bar

Lhasa Low House Music Bar is one of the must-go special bars in Lhasa. It was created by two brothers from Lanzhou and was opened in 2005. Tourists making a visit to the special bar would have the chance to hear the traditional Tibetan music, Nepali music and Indian music. It has been one of the most highly recommended special bars in Lhasa for tourists are fond of music.

Special Bars in Lhasa - Brief Introduction of Lhasa Low House Music Bar

The location of Lhasa Low House Music Bar was said to be the residence of the 11th Dalai Lama. The wooden structure house could be dated back to 150 years ago. Looking from the outside, it is really an obscure bar which could be easily missed. But the ancient wooden structures would leave you a mysterious impression. The decoration of Lhasa Low House Music Bar is mainly characterized by unbending but is rich in local flavor. Tourists here would find that even the roof beams here are decorated with some Tibetan style paintings.

Lhasa Low House Music Bar collected rich music pieces from Indian and Nepal while traditional Tibetan music is favored by a large number of tourists from both at home and abroad. The Nepali style cushion and soft night will make you feel relaxing. It would be a wonderful experience to drink some delicious local drinks while enjoying the unique music atmosphere which could be hardly experienced in any other bars around the world.

Special Bars in Lhasa - Special Music Atmosphere in Lhasa Low House Music Bar

Step in Lhasa Low House Music Bar, tourists would firstly experience some religious atmosphere. Take a close look, tourists would find the handle on the door presents a Siva image from India. There is also a mural of Buddha on the wall keeps smiling to you. The Marni stone, which is also called Tibetan prayer stone carved with Buddhism scriptures is said to be brought back from Neigyong Monastery.

The roof of Lhasa Low House Music Bar is pretty low just as its name. It seems that you can reach out to it easily. But the low roof will never make you feel depressed. The ancient wooden structures in the bar witnessed the history and make you feel a kind of mystery. Tourists here could also buy some special CDs which recorded typical and charming Nepali or Indian music. The CDs would be always packed by some kraft paper with special painting. It must be an interesting souvenir for your lifetime Tibet tour. It will wake up your memories in Tibet when you hear the special CD from the special bar in Lhasa in the future.

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