Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Ganglamedo Restaurant
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Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Ganglamedo Restaurant

Update: Aug. 31st, 2012

Ganglamedo Restaurant

Ganglamedo Restaurant is one of the most special restaurants in Lhasa. Ganglamedo means snow saussurea in Tibetan. It presents a series things related to Tibet, including the Tibetan style cuisine and handicrafts. Tibet Tour would like to introduce Ganglamedo Restaurant to tourists especially interested in the local Tibetan culture.

Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Brief Introduction of Ganglamedo Restaurant

Ganglamedo Restaurant is located in the central area of the old Lhasa City. It is quite close to Jokhang Temple – one of the must-go historical relics in Lhasa City. Some of the tourists who've been here would take Ganglamedo as a music bar. Actually, it is a local Tibetan food restaurant which integrates some special factors, such as music, books, paintings and high-quality coffee and pizza. In a word, most of the tourists here could get what you want.

Ganglamedo Restaurant is quite spacious compared to the other restaurants in Lhasa. It is an independent Tibetan style courtyard. It is said the exquisite stone complex was the residence of 11th Dalai Lama's parents and Ganglamedo was the house of their steward. The courtyard in Ganglamedo Restaurant offers tourists the chance to enjoy the lovely sunshine which is hardly available in any other restaurants in Lhasa. The ancient Tibetan style window lattice, dull black pillars in the corridor and the log ladder would make you feel that you were going a Tibetan family's house.

Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Special Offers in Ganglamedo Restaurant

Ganglamedo Restaurant could provide tourists the local Tibetan cuisine. The fried mutton steak, the stirred beef with pickled radish and the Tibetan style buttermilk cheese are three of the most highly recommended Tibetan dishes in Ganglamedo Restaurant. Besides, it also provide certain western food, the local exquisite pizza enjoys high reputation among tourists who've been here. Appreciating the wonderful artworks with a cup of high-quality coffee would also be a good choice.

Ganglamedo Restaurant created the most local Tibetan style atmosphere for tourists prefer to experience the Tibetan culture. It collected some precious Tibetan paintings and artworks, such as the oil painting on the wall. It is always praised as a wonderful art gallery. The old books on the bookshelves would help you to spend your time before serving. In addition, tourists could also purchase some interesting Tibetan handicrafts as the souvenirs of your lifetime Tibet tour at Ganglamedo Restaurant.

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