Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Places to Eat in Kathmandu
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Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Places to Eat in Kathmandu

Update: Jan. 23rd, 2013

Nepalese Food

Tibet tour from Kathmandu offers tourists the guides of Kathmandu cuisine, as this city is well known for its variety of food. It is said that once you have Tibet tour from Kathmandu and spent some time eating Dal Baht (Traditional Nepalese Dish) while climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp or trekking around the Annapurna Region, Kathmandu could be the cuisine heaven that you probably come again and again. Some of tourists would wonder where the Nepalese traditional meals are, some are interested the special local food but not only the Nepalese food.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Kathmandu Cuisine Tips

Kathmandu had only one restaurant in 1955, but a large number of restaurants in Kathmandu have grown up catering in Nepalese cuisine, Tibetan cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and Indian cuisine in particular and many others to accommodate both for Nepalese people and for tourists from all around the world. As for the traditional local food in Kathmandu must be "momo". It is a type of dumpling that original from Tibet. Many street vendors sell it by fried or steamed stuffed with buffalo, chicken, or veggies with a Tuborg or San Miguel beer. In a local place expect to pay 50 NPR for ten buff momos, 90-120 NPR in a tourist place. It is one of the most popular fast food in Kathmandu.

Restaurants in Kathmandu Tips

Roadhouse is a kind of Italian style restaurant, situated in Thamel, the main tourist area of Kathmandu.

Aqua Java Zing is a kind of international style restaurant, located opposite Nepal investment bank. They serve amazing international gourmet cuisine with a full range of Risottos, and Pastas.

New Orleans Restaurants and Cafe is a nice garden restaurant in the heart of Thamel. They offer different type of cuisines. The free internet there is very slow.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Best Places to Eat in Kathmandu

Or you are interested in really Nepalese local food not only in the restaurant, here we kindly suggest you some places to try. They are not famous, may you have misses them, but the delicious food there drives everybody to visit.


This place features delicious Middle Eastern Cuisine and plentiful with excellent hummus and falafels. It is located down a side street just off Tridevi Marg, West of the Main Thamel Cowk.

New Orleans

Located almost directly opposite of the Kathmandu Guest House. New Orleans 0ffers a wide variety of food. You could enjoy their Jambalaya and an ice cold beer in a chilled glass.

Food Bazaar

Like the name you see, you could try this food court if you didn't find your cuisine style in Kathmandu. With many options of India, Italian, Chinese and Lebonese food, you will be sure to find something to please everybody's pallet. Here is like a food market that you could totally enjoy yourselves without any constraint of etiquette.

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