Silingtso Lake Travel Information
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Silingtso Lake Travel Information

Update: Nov. 4th, 2013

Silingtso Lake

Located in the remote area in Northern Tibet, Silingtso Lake is widely regarded as one of the most rare-visited lakes on Tibet Plateau. The poor road condition to Silingtso Lake made it one of the most attractive destinations for tourists especially interested in self-driving and adventure. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide relevant Silingtso Lake travel information for tourists' reference.

Silingtso Lake Travel Information – Brief Introduction of Silingtso

Silingtso Lake is also noted as Qilin Lake. It is widely noted as the largest black-necked crane natural reserve around the world. With an altitude of 4530 meters, Silingtso Lake enjoys a length of 72 kilometers from the west to the east and a width of 22.8 kilometers, and it reaches 40 kilometers at its widest part in middle-eastern Silingtso Lake. With a water are of 1640 square kilometers, Silingtso Lake covers a total drainage area of 45530 square kilometers, which is said to be the largest inland lake drainage system in Tibet. Numerous rivers and lakes in Silingtso Lake drainage area forma closed inland lake group.

Silingtso Lake Travel Information – Transportation and Accommodation

Silingtso Lake is located at the junction area of Nima County, Bange County and Shenzha County. Most visitors planning to visit Silingtso Lake would like to spend a night at Bange County or Shenzhan County for the accommodation condition there is relatively better. Generally, it takes about one day driving to get to Silingtso Lake from Bange County if the climate and road condition are good. The condition of the road, about 100 kilometers away from Silingtso Lake, is pretty challenging. Visitors here have to stride across a series of small rivers and it is easy to get stuck in the rivers if you can't find the right point to get over. Therefore, tourists are not suggested to driver to Silingtso Lake in the rainy season in consideration of both the safety of yourself and your vehicle.

Actually, Silingtso Lake is praised as one of the best places for camping in Tibet. The famous Nagqu-Ngari Road is not too far away from the north of Silingtso Lake. It is said that none of the sections of Nagqu-Ngari Road is surfaced and the road condition is very poor in the rainy season in summer. It should be noted that Silingtso Lake enjoys a pretty high altitude and the temperature here is much lower than the other regions in the same latitude. Hence, visitors planning to tracel to Silingtso Lake are strongly suggested to prepare enough warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag to cope with the cold before this trip.

Silingtso Lake Travel Information – Rare Animals at Silingtso Lake

Silingtso Lake Black-necked Cranes Natural Reserve has various endangered & rare animals, including the black-necked natural reserve, snow leopard, Tibetan antelope, argali, Tibetan snow-cock, white-tailed eagle and so on. Visitors here would have the chance to take close look of those rare animals if you are lucky enough. In addition, Silingtso Lake always presents totally different natural landscapes for visitors here in different seasons.

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