Tibetan Costume Characteristics
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Tibetan Costume Characteristics

Update: Nov. 4th, 2013

Tibetan costume

Different Tibetan costume attracts lot of tourists during Tibet tour because the clothes are beautiful and exotic. Tibetan costumes, no matter man's or woman's, are well preserved through history and varies from places. Tibetan robes are the main kind of Tibetan costumes. There are many kinds and can be divided into brocade, leather facing, pulu, cloth and so on by materials. The main features of Tibetan robe are long sleeves, wide waist with buttons on the right. Women wear robes with long sleeves in winter and none sleeves in summer and shirts of various colors and flower pattern inside. A colorful apron is fastened before every women's waist. Tibetan robes can be divided into leather robe in pasturing area, colorful robe and pulu robe in agricultural area. The styles of robe are divided into leather robe are divided into leather robe with long sleeves, Gongbu robe with broad shoulder, grown without sleeves and pulu in floral collar. Men and women's shirts include styles with buttons on the right and with buttons down the front. Man's shirts are high collars and woman's shirts are more lapels, and the length of sleeve is forty centimeters longer than other shirts. When put the sleeves down in dancing, they are dancing in the air very beautiful.

Tibetan Costume Characteristics


Namely apron, a traditional garment of Tibetans, is the necessary ornament for married women to wear. Bangdian, all with pattern of bands, of strong colors or light and simple, is made of silk and pulu largely.

Tibetan hats

Tibetan hats, with various kinds and different material, have ten to twenty kinds as golden flower hat, pulu hat, etc.

Tibetan boots

Tibetan boots are important features of Tibetan costume, commonly seen as songba lamu, a kind of flower pattern boots with bottom made of cotton thread and leather.

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