Wild Animals in Ngari - Tibetan Antelope
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Wild Animals in Ngari - Tibetan Antelope

Update: Dec. 27th, 2013

Tibetan Antelope

Wild Animals in Ngari

There is an old Chinese saying that people who never visit Jokhang Temple during Tibet tour are regarded never come to Lhasa City, people who never go to Ngari Prefecture are regarded never come to Tibet. You know why? Ngari Prefecture is located on the "plateau of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" and stands over 4000 meters above the sea level. Even though it is so far from Lhasa City, Guge Kingdom originated and developed on this fantastic land, which could be dated back to the late Tubo Dynasty. The perish of Guge Kingdom is still a mystery till now. And due to the remote location of Ngari prefecture, there are few people landing coming. Therefore, large numbers of rare wild animals are freely living in the vast area with primitive ecological environment.

Wild Animals in Ngari - Tibetan Antelope

During Tibet tour, you may have a chance to see the wild plateau animals along the way to the Relics of Guge Kingdom, such as Tibetan Antelope, kiang, black-necked crane, marmot and wild goose.

Tibetan Antelope is considered as the pride of Hoh Xil and most of them are living in Tibet, Qinghai and Sinkiang of China. The less rest of them inhabit in the ladakh are in India. They are Chinese endemic species that are in great danger now. According to the research, they also belong to social animals. The back of Tibetan Antelope is red brown and the abdomen is sandy beige or off white. It is black on the face of grown male ones and there is black symbol on the legs. There is no horn on the female ones. The female Tibetan Antelope is about 75 cm high and the male Tibetan Antelope is about 80-85 cm high. Nowadays, Tibetan Antelope are not only belonging to the First-Grade State Protection animal of China, but also listed in the convention on international trade in endangered species.

There is an old story of kneeling Tibetan Antelope in Tibet. There was an old hunter who once hunted the animals for the pilgrims along the way. At that time, the rare wild animals can be seen everywhere in Ngari in Tibet. One day, when he got out from his house, he found a plump Tibetan Antelope kneeling in front of him. Two lines of tears come out from its eyes, which means the soundless beg. He did not have the heart to shoot her at that moment. But what could he do? He was a hunter. Hence, he pulled the trigger and then she dropped. The next day, he found a big surprise when he tried to gash its belly as usual. He found one baby antelope dying there in his mother's uterus. He understood why his mother kneeling in front of his house finally. The mother Tibetan Antelope was trying to save her baby's life.

Afterwards, the hunter buried them and then he was gone.

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