Qyangtang Natural Conservation Area, Ngari
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Qyangtang Natural Conservation Area, Ngari

Update: Jan. 10th, 2014

Qyangtang Natural Conservation Area

Qyangtang Natural Conservation Area that originally managed by Tibet Autonomous Region Government was established in 1993 and later on was protected by the nation on April 5th, 2000. It is situated in the northwest area of Tibet Autonomous Region, in the south of Kunlun Mountain and Hoh Xil Mountain, and in the north of Gangdisê Mountains and Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain. Qyangtang Natural Conservation Area is the main part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and it covers an area of 298, 000 square kilometers in total. Consists of Nagqu Grassland and Ngari Grassland, it stretches respectively to Ngari and Nagqu therefore it is managed by those two local government collectively. In addition, including high-cold steppe, Plateau tundra, plateau wetland and alpine desert and other different ecotypes, Qyangtang Natural Conservation Area is well renowned as the second largest natural conservation area throughout the world. And acted as the typical biodiversity area and the worldwide gene treasury, of course there are lots of rare wild faunas and biotic population that only acclimatize the highland environment living in Qyangtang Natural Conservation.

If you are interested in the wildlife and primitive scene of Ngari, please contact us at jessie@tibettour.com. We can discuss more and help you to make a wonderful trip in Tibet.

Ngari Wild AnimalNgari Wild Animal

Ngari Grassland of Qyangtang Natural Conservation Area refers to Choqyen, Gatse, Gergy, Gar and Ritu Region and other areas. It is one of the top two highest prairies of the world. Come to Ngari Grassland and you will see the vast and endless prairie, the running crowded flocks and herds, white shinning snow mountains, and the resounding singing of shepherd boy, and the primitive scenery of Ngari. According to the research record, the highland fauna are mainly available in Gatse Region of Ngari Grassland and few of them are endangered species, which make this area well known as the key wildlife protection area of Qyangtang Natural Conservation Area. There are about thirty kinds of Mammalian species, ninety different types of birds and a few rare highland fishes.

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