Trekking Paradise in Tibet - Medog
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Trekking Paradise in Tibet - Medog

Update: Jan. 8th, 2014

Trekking Paradise in Tibet

Located in southeast Tibet, Medog County is under the administration of Nyingchi Prefecture. Be situated at the southern foot of eastern Himalayas, Medog County covers a total area of 340, 00 square kilometers, among which 32 million acres are forest covered area. Most of the inhabitants in Medog County are Monpa People or Lhoba People. The main part of the world famous Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is located in Medog County. Medog is widely noted as the lowest place on Tibet Plateau. It has a good natural environment characterized by low altitude, warm climate, rich rainfall and well preserved ecological environment.

Trekking Paradise in Tibet – Natural Resources in Medog

Tourists who've been to Medog are always impressed by its rich natural resources. Visitors could witness quite different natural views and experience different climates in just few hours once you arrive in Medog County. Medog County has an average altitude around 1200 meters. The topography in Medog falls sharply from the north to the south. Mt. Namjagbarwa in northern Medog has an altitude of 7756 meters, but the altitude in southern Medog is only few hundred meters. Be embosomed in mountains, Medog County shapes like a lotus. Except for the world famous Mt. Namjagbarwa, Mt. Gyala Peri also enjoys high reputation among visitors. The higher regions of these mountains are covered by white and thick snow all year around while the lower regions are covered with various plants. Therefore, visitors trekking to Medog in different seasons could enjoy quite different views for the color of these plants change with the season.

With a great variety of plants resources, Medog is praised as a Natural Plants Museum. It is reported that there are more than 80 rare plant species under national protection in Medog County, including the camphorwood, Chinese yew and cyathcaceae. According to statistics, there are more than 3000 species of higher plants, more than 80 species of wild arethusas and more than 10 species of bamboos. Also, Medog is praised as a Natural Zoo for its rich animal resources. There are more than 40 rare animals under national protection, including the Bengal tiger and the large hornbill. Hence, Medog is not only an attractive place for tourists interested in trekking but also of great charm for visitors especially interested in science and biology research.

Trekking Paradise in Tibet – Transportation to Medog

There was no highway to Medog County till 2012 due to the complicated and severe geographical environment. The first highway in Medog was put into operation on Oct. 31st, 2013. It brings great convenience for local inhabitants and tourists visiting Medog for sightseeing or trekking. This highway saves a lot of time and energy for tourists trekking to the remote mountain areas with heavy luggage.

Tourists planning to make a trekking tour to Medog are strongly suggested to avoid the rainy season for the landslide and debris flow happen frequently in this season. For tourists willing to spend nights in the wild, it is necessary to prepare a moisture-proof pad to defend the damp on the floor in the forest. Besides, a pair of ankle boots could protect you from been attacked by leeches in the humid environment.

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