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Medog Travel Information

Update: May 21st, 2014


Admission Ticket of Medog Scenic Area

Medog is also named Baimagang. It is one of the most mysterious regions on Tibet Plateau. An increasingly number of tourists are planning to pay a visit to Medog to make their adventure dream come true after the highway to Medog was opened to traffic last year. It is reported that the best season for travel to Medog is between July and November every year. Tourists planning to make self-driving tour or trekking tour to Medog should make a reasonable plan in advance and it is dangerous to rush to Medog blindly.

Recently, Medog County made a public announcement that Medog Scenic Area will be opened to visitors free till early June and visitors are required to buy an admission ticket since June 10th. Actually, there's no admission fee at Medog County Scenic Area ever since it was opened to visitors from different corners of the world. With the continuous development and construction, an increasing amount of operating chargers is required. To complete the basic service facilities and achieve sustainable development, the local administration board decided to charge the admission fee from visitors. It is reported that the price of the admission ticket of Medog County Secenic Area is CNY160 per person and that ticket will be valid with 5 days since your purchasing date.

There is also a group of visitors could get certain discount in the admission ticket of Medog County Scenic Area, for instance, elders, disabled individuals, teachers and students could get 50 percent off in the admission ticket. Children under 14 years and visiting Medog with their parents don't need to buy the admission ticket. The local Tibetans living in Medog also don't need the admission ticket.

Medog Travel Information

Medog is mainly noted for its primitive natural scenery. Tourists willing to visit Medog could enjoy a picturesque landscape composed of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, primitive forests and local ethnic constructions. It has been a paradise for tourists have strong passion in adventure and exploitation. For consideration of tourists' security, several inspection stations were settled to check visitors' permits. Therefore, tourists planning to make an adventure tour to Medog County are strongly suggested to apply for the required permits in advance.

Tourists planning a Medog trekking tour should make a good preparation to cope with the special natural environment. Good perspiring underwears should be prepared to deal with the humid environment in Medog County. Warm clothes should even be prepared in the summer season for the temperature might drop rapidly in the night. Ventilate water-proof tent could protect you from the humid environment in the rainy season. There are many inspects in the primitive forests in Medog County, and tourists are kindly suggested to prepare necessary medicines effective in curing the insect bites.

In addition, it is sparsely populated in Medog, and there is few sites could provide food and beverage for visitors. Therefore, tourists need to prepare enough food and drink in advance. There is no mobile signal in the remote mountain areas, and tourists making a trekking tour in Medog County are not advised to act alone.

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