Tips of Visiting Ngari
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Tips of Visiting Ngari

Update: Dec. 31st, 2013

Zhada Soil Forest

Tips of Visiting Ngari


In general, we will drive you to Ngari from Lhasa City by way of Shigatse, Saga, Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yungtso Lake) and Tarchen. We kindly suggest you to bring some solid food in Lhasa or Shigatse firstly as few of stores can be seen along the way from Saga to Ngari. And if you are interested in trekking in Ngari, both of the cook and yak should be considered for you. The cook will make the dinner and provide the hot water for you, while the yak will be much helpful if you have more bags.

How to visit Ngari

As I told you above, we usually drive to Ngari from Lhasa City because most tourists fly to Lhasa firstly. But recently, more and more people are interested in entering Ngari from Yechen of Sinkiang (Xinjiang). The route from Sinkiang (Xinjiang) to Ngari is Yecheng, Dahongliutan, Pangong-tso, Zhada, Darchen, Mt. Kailash, Saga, Shigatse and Lhasa. In addition, Mt. Everest could be included in the route if you have enough time, too.


The 3-star hotels are available in Lhasa and Shigatse, but there are only guesthouses provided in Saga and Darchen. If you are very professional hiker, we kindly suggest you to take your personal tent and sleeping bag, both which are healthier than the ones provided by Tibet travel agencies.

Ngari Scenery

Absolutely Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yungtso Lake), The Relics of Guge Kingdom and Zhada Soil Forest are the highlights of Ngari scenery. Mt. Kailash is well renown as the religious center of Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism and original Bon Sect since ancient times. Countless devout followers will gather here every year for worship. Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yungtso Lake) is located besides Mt. Kailash and it is called one of the top three sacred lakes of Tibet. The Relics of Guge Kingdom is the most famous cultural landscape of Ngari and the perish of this kingdom is still a mystery for human beings. Zhada Soil Forest may be regarded as the natural scenery of Ngari, but there are no trees nor streams in the area. It is a forest formed by the sands and soil.

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