Notes of Traveling to Ngari
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Notes of Traveling to Ngari

Update: Jan. 12th, 2014

Guge Kingdom Relics

Notes of Traveling to Ngari - Ngari Tour

How many days needed to travel to Ngari

We found that more and more tourists would very like to travel to Ngari during Tibet tour recently, but they do not know how many days needed to visit Ngari. Ar first, Ngari is far from Lhasa City, it is impossible if you only have less than 9 days. In general, 13 days or more are suitable for Ngari tour. During the 13 days, you can visit some essential attractions of Lhasa City and then forward to visit Ngari along the way. Besides the cultural scenery of Lhasa, Ngari Prefecture highlights the magnificent wild nature without more people nor buildings.

What type of Vehicle needed for Ngari tour

In summary, of course the Sports Utility Vehicle is the best car for traveling to Ngari in Tibet. Due to the long distance between Lhasa center and Ngari, the rough road and terrible accommodation condition, the performance and security coefficient of Sports Utility Vehicle are better than others such as 19-seat car. And certainly, both of the car fee of Sports Utility Vehicle and driver's fee are very expensive especially required in the peak season of amazing Tibet travel. If more than 2 Sports Utility Vehicles you require, 19-seat car is also suggested to you if you have budget cost (there are very few of 12-seat bus provided in Tibet because of the rough road condition). The car fee is lower than Sports Utility Vehicle. All the drivers who will drive to Ngari are experience and expert.

Is it worthy traveling to Ngari

People like to travel to Ngari because they prefer to enjoy the wild nature, vast area, and brisk breath, even though there are no fantastic buildings or cultural relics I think. Absolutely, the attractions in Ngari are fewer than they are in Lhasa, Shigatse or Nyingchi. We will drive about 4 days for the round trip between Ngari and Lhasa in the whole journey, which spend more time than other usual routes. Even though there are almost no formal or official attractions along the way, what you can see are the essences toward our destination - Ngari. Hence, you can judge it if it is worthy for your Tibet trip.

What is the best time to travel to Ngari

Except January, February, March and April, you can travel to Ngari anytime. The best time to visit Ngari are May, June, July, August, September, October and November.

What documents needed to visit Ngari

All kinds of Tibet Travel Permits are needed if you plan to visit Ngari of course. But no worries, we will deal it for you. Please just contact us at if you have any questions.

Is it difficult to get a permit to visit Ngari

No, it is not difficult to get a permit to visit Ngari. We will arrange everything well for you. What you need to do is sending your scanned passport and scanned Chinese Tourism Visa to us 20 days in advance before your departure date. One month earlier is better.

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