Healthy Care and Tips for Visiting Ngari
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Healthy Care and Tips for Visiting Ngari

Update: Jan. 3rd, 2014


Healthy Care and Tips for Visiting Ngari

High Altitude Sickness

The average altitude of Ngari is over 4500 meters high above the sea level, which usually caused high altitude sickness to tourists, even the people who have been to Tibet for many times. In short, high altitude sickness is basically happened to people but not absolutely to all. People feature individual health so that we have different reaction to high altitude sickness. Some people may feel very well even they visit Mt. Everest, but perhaps some will suffer terrible acute altitude sickness. Therefore, we usually suggest our guests to take the oxygen bags when they depart from Lhasa to other areas of Tibet during the tour, because better safe than sorry. But it is better not absorb the oxygen only if for emergency. People are kindly advised to let their body acclimatize the high altitude itself. Anyway, keeping in good mood is very important for preventing people from the high altitude sickness. And there are some other kind advice for healthy care.

1. Do not run or walk quickly in high land. Less sports but more rest.

2. Do not drink the alcohol in the first few days when you arrive in Lhasa. Tourists are highly suggested not to drink the alcohol because the duration they stay in Tibet is not enough for a good acclimatization.

3. Keep regular timetable for meals and rest. Eat more fruits and drink more water.

4. Drink some butter tea as more as you can. Butter tea is useful for relieving the symbol of high altitude sickness.

5. Have some medicines that relieve high altitude sickness in advance before your Tibet tour starts. 1 week in advance is better.

Previously Tibet Travel Notes

1. Keep a good psychological preparation.

2. Have a very good sleep. People who have hypertension and heart disease are not suggested to visit Tibet.

3. Suitable personal goods: long-sleeve shirts and pants, sunglasses, sunscreen cream, lip pomade, stomach medicines and cold medications, etc. Please read: What to Pack - The Medicine.

4. Photograph equipments, cash, telephone, tissue and personal healthy products.

5. Sleeping bags and down jacket if you plan to visit Mt. Kailash, Lake Namtso and Mt. Kailash during amazing Tibet tour.

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