Shannan Tour – Strategies of Photographing Yamdrok Lake
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Shannan Tour – Strategies of Photographing Yamdrok Lake

Update: Dec. 10th, 2012

Yamdrok Lake

The Yamdrok Lake is located on south bank of Yarlung Zanpo River, in Nagarzê County of Shannan. It can be regarded as highlight of Shannan tour. When you visit Yamdrok Lake in your Shannan tour, how could you miss the opportunity to take beautiful photos of Yamdrok Lake? There some strategies of photographing Yamdrok Lake provided by Tibet Tour.

Shannan Tour – Season of Photographing Yamdrok Lake

The water of Yamdrok Lake in spring and autumn is very blue, and sky is clear. It is easier to take beautiful photos. About weather around Yamdrok Lake, you can refer to weather in Lhasa and Shigatse. Because midsummer is the rain season of Tibet, although temperature in this season is moderate to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yamdrok Lake, the sky over Yamdrok Lake is often cloudy. It is hard to have ideal light in this season.

Shannan Tour – Location of Photographing Yamdrok Lake

Gambarak Mountain Pass Viewing Platform

The Gambarak Mountain Pass Viewing Platform is regarded as the best location to photograph standard photos of Yamdrok Lake. There, you not only can photograph the changeable blue water of Yamdrok Lake, but also can regard the snow white and dazzling Nijing Kangsha Peak as distant view. In addition, you also can include the twisting mountain road into the picture. The corners from mountain pass to lakeside are good locations of photographing Yamdrok Lake too.


From mountain pass to lakeside, there are various photography subjects along the highway. You can stop vehicle to take photos based on your time and preference in your Shannan tour.

Shannan Tour – Features of Yamdrok Lake

The water of Yamdrok Lake is deep blue around the year, as brilliant as jade. The highway leads to the lakeside directly. You can stop to take photos when you see beautiful scenery on the way. It only needs about 2 hours to Yamdrok Lake from Lhasa by car. You can use wide-angle lens to photograph the grand scene of snow mountain and lake on the Gambarak Mountain Pass, you also can use telephoto lens to shoot a close-up of sheep herds, water birds at the lakeside. You can control the time of photographing Yamdrok Lake by yourself.

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