Recommended Attractions of Shannan Prefecture
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Recommended Attractions of Shannan Prefecture

Update: Mar. 13th, 2013


Shannan Prefecture is where Lhasa Gonggar Airport located. It is well known as the first destination of many foreign tourists. It shows the magnificent and amazing sceneries to tourists when they reach the land of Tibet. That is a breathtaking first impression.

It lies in the middle and lower reach of Yarlung Zangbo River. To the north, it connects to Lhasa City. To the west, it connects to Shigatse Prefecture. To the east, it connects to Nyingchi Prefecture. And to the south, it borders India and the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Shannan Prefecture is actually available in the valley area of southern Tibet. The terrain of Shannan Prefecture is higher in the west part but lower in the east part. The average elevation is about 3700 meters high. The highest temperature is 31 ? (available in Gyacha County) and the lowest temperature is 37 ? (available in Chona County).

Recommended Attractions of Shannan Prefecture

Minzhulin Monastery

Minzhulin Monastery is renowned for not only the ancestral monastery of Nyingma Sect in Shannan Prefecture, but also the study of astronomy, medical science and calligraphy. It covers an area of 100000 square meters.

Location: Minzhulin Village of Zhanang County.

Nangselin Manor

It is an ancient noble manor of Tibet and preserved well till now. It is about 7 floors high and looks exquisite and magnificent. There are few buildings, stables, mills, dye-works, watchtowers and prisons, etc, around Nangselin Manor.

Location: about 25 kilometers far from Tsedang Town, Zhanang County.

Zhamazhisang Palace

It was one of the palaces of Princess Jincheng of the Kingdom of Nepal. Few small temples and ruins are available now.

Location: Samye Village of Zhanang County.

Samye Scenic Spot

Samye Scenic Spot is available in the north of Yarlung Zangbo River. It includes some cultural ruins in Sangyi village, Songka Village and Azha Village of Zhanang County. The major attractions of Samye Scenic Spot are Samye Monastery, Hapuri Mountain, and Nyemalong Sacred Cave, etc.

Samye Monastery

Samye Monastery was firstly built in the middle period of the 8th Century. The layout of Samye Monastery is exquisite and grand.

Location: Samye Village of Zhanang County.

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake is famous as one of the sacred lakes of Tibet. The water of Yamdrok Lake is so limpid and amazing. It is characteristic of different colors in different season. In addition, it is also the largest habitat of birds of southern Tibet.

Location: Langkatse County.

Sangting Monastery

It is the only one monastery held by the woman abbot in Tibet, but the monks are all male. It belongs to White Sect (Kargyu Sect).

Location: about 10 kilometers far from Langkatse Town.

Lhamo Latso Lake

Lhamo Latso Lake is one of the top 4 sacred lakes of Tibet. The successive Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama will pilgrim here to walk around the lake. The legend says that people will have a chance to see their future of current lifetime, the last lifetime and the next life, when they look into Lhamo Latso Lake. Nearby Lhamo Latso Lake, there is a Dalagangpu Monastery. It is the famous celestial burial platform of Tibet.

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