2014 Tibet Attractions List
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2014 Tibet Attractions List

Update: Nov. 13th, 2013


We will help you to find the new Tibet attractions information of 2014 and we hope it is helpful for your 2014 Tibet tour preparation.

2014 Tibet Attractions List - Lhasa Mosque

There are two mosques in Lhasa. One is situated in the east of Jokhang Temple and named as Great Mosque. While the other is situated on the Rose Road in the south of Jokhang Temple, and it is named as Little Mosque. The Great Mosque was originally built in 1716 in a small scale. However, the current Muslim mosque covers an area of 2,600 square meters above. The wooden decorated archway faces north with the three characters of "Qing Zhen Si" (i.e. Mosque) on the front door. As the main construction of the Mosque, the chapel faces the east.

2014 Tibet Attractions List - Lhasa River

It is named as "Jiqu" in Tibetan which means "Pleasant River" or "Happy River'. It is located in Lhasa and middle south of Tibet. Lhasa River is one of the highest altitude rivers in the world which originates from the south of Nyenchen Tonglha Mountain. The altitude descends from 5,500 meters to 3,580 meters. And it is a big branch of Yarlung Zangbo River with a length of 551 kilometers and drainage area of 32,471 square kilometers.

2014 Tibet Attractions List - Tibet Museum

Tibet Museum, located at No. 19, Norbulingka Road of Lhasa, covering an area of 53, 959 square meters, is the first museum equipped with modern facilities in Tibet. It was officially opened on Oct. 1st in 1999. With large scale, strong national characteristics, and colorful museum collections, it has become a key window for the world to know, to understand and love the Tibet.

2014 Tibet Attractions List - Barkhor Street

Located in the old city area of Lhasa, Barkhor Street is the one of the ten historical culture blocks and a famous circumambulation and commercial center in Lhasa. It almost keeps its traditional appearance and living ways completely. It was built in seventh century for Jokhang Temple, and has developed with the development of Jokhang Temple.

2014 Tibet Attractions List - The Ramoche Monastery

Ramoche Monastery (Xiao Zhao Si) is one kilometer away from the Jokhang Temple, covering an area of 4,000 square meters. As Chinese appellations, "Xiao" is opposite to the "Da" (Jokhang Temple), while "Zhao" means Buddha in Tibetan. Life-sized statue of the 8-year-old Sakyamuni, Buddha statues and Thangka are worshipped in this monastery.

The original building complex has a strong Tang architecture style, for it was first built by Han Chinese architects who come to Tibet together with Princess Wencheng in the middle of the 7th Century during the Tang Dynasty.

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