Full View of Shannan Prefecture
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Full View of Shannan Prefecture

Update: Mar. 13th, 2013


Shannan Prefecture is the original birthplace of Tibetan national culture. It is significant that the first palace of Tibet, the first Buddhist temple, and the first monastery were all established in Shannan Prefecture. Therefore, Shannan Prefecture is well known for the cultural relics of Tibet region.

Full View of Shannan Prefecture

Shannan Prefecture is located in the south part of Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain and the middle and lower reach of Yarlung Zangbo River. In the north, it adjoins Lhasa City of Tibet. In the west, it connects to Shigatse Prefecture. In the east, it connects to Nyingchi Prefecture. In the south, it adjoins India and the Kingdom of Bhutan. There is a 600-meter long boundary line in Shannan Prefecture. Hence, it is acted as the very important border area of southwestern China and plays a strategic role of China.

Yarlong River Scenic Spot

Yarlong River Scenic Spot is available in the west part of Shannan Prefecture. It is the birthplace of Tibetan nation. It is well known for the high snow mountains, deep valley, countryside and pasture, river shoal, the ancient cultural relics and the folk customs, etc.

Location: Yarlung Zangbo River Basin in Shannan Prefecture.

Yungbulakang Palace

It is actually an ancient building of more than 2000 year's history. Yungbulakang looks like a blockhouse and stands very high. It is said to be the earliest palace of Tibet. Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty once lived in Yungbulakang Palace when she entered to Tibet.

Location: Tsedang County of Shannan Prefecture.

Trandruk Temple

It is a famous temple under the state protection in Shannan Prefecture. It is highly respected by Gelug Sect. It was once acted as one of the palaces of Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty. Till now, there are many precious jewels, and Thangka inside Trandruk Temple.

Location: Tsedang Town of Naitong County.

Gongpuri Sacred Mountain

It is one of the renowned sacred mountains of Tibet. It consists of three peaks, Yanggawutse, Zhukangtse, and Senmuwutse. The three peaks are connected for each other with the numerous caves. In addition, there are a lot of monasteries in Gongpuri Sacred Mountain.

Location: Tsedang Town of Naitong County, the south part of Yarlung Zangbo River.


It was originally built in AD 8th Century and it is one of the oldest buildings of Tibet. There are many precious treasures such as the Thangka, carving, clay sculpture and hand-written Buddhist scriptures, etc.

Location: Gyiru Village of Naitong County.

Qingwadatse Palace

Consisted of 6 small palaces inside, Qingwadatse Palace was one of the second larger palaces of Tubo Dynasty. Some ancient city walls and watchtowers were survived and preserved till now.

Location: Qyongye County.

Tombs of Tibetan Kings

The Tombs of Tibetan Kings in Shannan Prefecture were the largest emperor's tombs of Tibet. It covers an area of 10000 square meters. Each tomb looks very magnificent and amazing. A larger tomb nearby the river is said to be the tomb of Songtsen Gampo's. There is a small temple on the tomb.

Location: about 8 kilometers far from Tsedang Town.

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