2013 Ride a Bicycle in Nyingchi Prefecture
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2013 Ride a Bicycle in Nyingchi Prefecture

Update: Apr. 6th, 2013

Lulang Forest Sea

2013 Ride a Bicycle in Nyingchi Prefecture

D20 Lulang County (K4157, 3285m) – Lulang Forest Sea Viewing Deck – Sejila Mountain (K4182, 4559m) – Nyingchi Town (K4214, 3010m) – Bayi Town (K4228, 2930m)

The asphalt road is about 71 kilometers long. After passing Lulang Town (K4157) you will ride upwards to the Sejila Mountain Pass (K4182). The Tibetan dwellings along the way are attractive and beautiful. There is a small viewing deck at K4165.

Lulang Forest Sea

Lulang Forest Sea is one of the most attractive natural scenic spots in Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet. It is 3700 meters above the sea level and characteristic of the typical long and narrow plateau meadow scenery. You will have a chance to enjoy the bosk, spruces and pines there.

Sejila Mountain Pass

We will reach the top of Sejila Mountain at K4182. Lots of the religious and beautiful prayer flags are flying over there. Please keep you warm as the weather is changeable on the mountain. If you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to see Namjagbrawa Peak.

At K4196, you can watch the amazing Nyingchi Town and the wide Niyang River, both of which are located at the foot of Sejila Mountain. There is a viewing deck at K4200.

The down slope is very steep but the road condition is fine. Please slow down as much as possible. Nyingchi Town is located at K4214.

Viewing Deck

There is a viewing deck on the hillside. It is a good place to overlook Niyang River. After reaching Nyingchi Town, you need to ride against along the Niyang River and finally reach Bayi Town. Bayi Town is the political, economic and cultural center of Nyingchi Prefecture., and it is very beautiful. The Summer Waterfall and Winter Icefall, Lake Riggemu Co, and the Giant Cypress Forest keep attracting a lot of tourists here for sightseeing.

As for the accommodation, we kindly recommend you the Mr. Ma's Family Hostel. If you have some problems with your bicycle, you could ask help for the hostel master.

D21 Bayi Town (K4228, 2930m) – Gengzhang Town (K4265) – Baipa Town (K4291) – Kongpu Gyangda County (K4358, 3440m)

The asphalt road is about 130 kilometers long from Bayi Town to Kongpu Gyangda County.

Niyang River

After breakfast, you will leave Bayi Town and ride along Niyang River ups and downs. Niyang River is quiet and beautiful on your side. The water is so blue that looks like a bright mirror. There are many sandbars in the river, and the trees are growing from the water. Niyang River area is actually the gathering place of Menpa people. The dwellings over there are very colorful and decorated with many beautiful jewels.

At K4310, Niyang River and Ba River will converge here. Basumtso Lake is available on the right side.

As for the accommodation, the Southern Hotel is recommended for your reference. It costs about 180-200 RMB per person. It is safe and healthy. Chongqing eatery nearby the hostel is also recommended to you, too. It tastes spicy but very delicious.

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