Classical Itinerary Recommended by Tibet Tourism Bureau – Lhasa and Shannan Attractions
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Classical Itinerary Recommended by Tibet Tourism Bureau – Lhasa and Shannan Attractions

Update: Mar. 14th, 2013

Drepung Monastery

In order to recommend some short travel itineraries to tourists, Tibet Tourism Bureau designs three types of Tibet tour for 5-6 days. Lhasa – Shannan itinerary aimed at showing and promoting cultural Tibet tour for your reference. It is written and introduced on 2 characters. Please enjoy reading next one here: Lhasa and Shannan Highlights Recommended by Tibet Tourism Bureau - Classical Itinerary.

Classical Itinerary Recommended by Tibet Tourism Bureau - Lhasa and Shannan Attractions

Potala Palace

The magnificent Potala Palace is highly praised as the pearl of the roof of the world. She was representative not only of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but also the political power center of Tibet in ancient times. Large numbers of rare cultural relics and handiworks are preserved well in this holy palace.

She is actually acted as the lighthouse of Lhasa and even the entire Tibet plateau. Devout Tibetan people will worship and point to her wherever they are at the corner of Tibet region. It is regarded as a gift if people are allowed to touch her closely.

Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street is located in the old town of Lhasa City, acted as the business center and the famous prayer circumambulation street. The traditional architecture style and the old living habit of Tibetan people are protected very well here. It was regarded as the sacred land around Jokhang Temple, but now it has been expanded larger and wider. As of now it consists of the eastern street of Barkhor Street, the western street of Barkhor Street, the southern street of Barkhor Street and the northern street of Barkhor Street. The perimeter of Barkhor Street is about 1000 meters. There are many crossroads in Barkhor Street.


Norbulingka is highly praised as the Summer Palace of Lhasa City, which literally means the baby garden in Tibetan language. It is acted as the summer palace of successive Dalai Lama in Tibet history. In summer every year, Dalai Lama will come to Norbulingka from Potala Palace and work there. There are about 374 rooms in Norbulingka. It is the largest and the most beautiful garden of Tibet.

Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple is situated at the center of old Lhasa City, acted as a Tibet Buddhist monastery. It was firstly built by Songtsen Gampo in AD 647 during Tang Dynasty to memory the Nepalese Princess Chizun. It is highly respected by all Tibetan people. It is the earliest civil engineering structure during a period of great prosperity of Tubo Dynasty.

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake is about 100 kilometers far from Lhasa City and highly praised as one of top 3 sacred lakes of Tibet. The other two sacred lakes are Namtso Lake and Lake Manasorovar (Mapam Yumco). It is the largest inner lake of the northern Himalaya Mountain Range.

Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery was firstly established in AD 1416 by Tsongkhapa – the founder and the great master of Gelug Sect (Yellow Sect). It is situated about 10 kilometers west far from Lhasa City. It is highly praised as one of the top 3 monasteries of Lhasa. The other two important monasteries of Lhasa are Ganden Monastery and Sera Monastery.

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