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Tibet Travel Diary, Tibet Tour, Tibet Travel

Update: Jul. 23rd, 2014

Tibet Travel Diary - Taking the train into Lhasa

This is a Tibet travel diary, about fun things, unforgetable moments, and amazing sceneries along the way to Tibet, and of course, fantastic experience in Tibet! I know I may not come back to this land during my lifetime, but who knows. I will never forget this land, people, and happy words.

Before I really set off to Tibet, it was just a word, a far place in my mind. I thought it was dangerous, bad climate and life-threatened. Anyway, I decided to go, finally. And, Tibet is not a regret to me anymore.

With my friend, we took the train into Lhasa from Chongqing and took the flight out from Lhasa in early April. There were lesser tourists at that time and we felt well. We spent two nights on the train and I don't think it is a good memory. My friend slept in the lower soft sleep, but I have the upper soft sleep. The upper soft sleep is, horrible. The window on the train is not allowed to be open, but we can get off the train when reached the stations along the way. It is better for you to get off when you reach Golmud Station because it will help you to climatize the high altitude gradually. On the second night, the oxygen was provided in the whole coach and the staff taught us how to use the oxygen supply button. Later we started to climb the highest highland on the way to Lhasa - Tanggula Mountain. The altitude of Tanggula Mountain is over 5000 meters. We felt a little headache and other few people started to suffer the slight high altitude sickness, too.

When we went out from the railway station, many soldiers wearing green army uniform are coming into our sight. It made us feel very safe. Well, then walking around, you would not find any green trees anymore in Lhasa.

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