Sichuan - Tibet Adventure Tour
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Sichuan - Tibet Adventure Tour

Sichuan - Tibet Adventure Tour

Price: Contact us for details
Duration: 10 days
Attraction: Jokhang Temple , Barkhor Street , Potala Palace , Baksumtso Lake
Update: Jan. 18th, 2013
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  • Day 1:Chengdu – Rongbrag (383 km)

    We will set out from Chengdu in the morning. We can appreciate the idyllic landscape on Western Sichuan Plain before we arrived in Ming River Valley. Then we will upstream along Min River and make our way to Wolong Gorge. We will make a visit to China Panda Protection and Research Center in Wolong Natural Reserve. We will climb over Balang Mountain with an altitude of 4500 meters after lunch. Then we will make our way to Rongbrag County, which is located in the Dadu River Valley and is noted for its blockhouses. We can enjoy the majestic Tibetan style blockhouses and dwellings. We can also experience the local folk customs and witness their characteristic clothes. Then we will back to our hotel.

    Accommodation:Hotel in KangdingMeals:All
  • Day 2:Rongbrag – Dau Zong – Gantse (473 km)

    We will leave Rongbrag for Donggu Natural Miniascape Scenic Area in the morning. We can appreciate the amazing natural landscape of the river valley. We will arrive in Bamei Town (the first town on No.317 Sichuan-Tibet Highway) soon after we climb over the Geda Ridge with an altitude of 3907 meters. We will keep on moving after we have lunch in Bamei Town. We can appreciate the natural landscape of plateau forests and meadows. We will arrive at Dau Zong  County soon after we climb over the Songlin Mountain Pass with an altitude of 3951 meters. We can appreciate the amazing dwellings in Dau Zong. The dwellings here were praised as “miracle among the national architectures in the world”. Then we will drive to Gantse County, which was praised as the Pearl of Khampa Area.

    Accommodation:Hotel in KangdingMeals:All
  • Day 3:Gantse – Dege (221 km)

    We will make a visit to Nachang Satisfactory Pagoda after breakfast. Then we will drive to Gantse Monastery – the largest monastery of Gelug Sect in this area. We will make our way to Yulong Lake via Mani Gango - an important town on the Ancient Tea-horse Road with an altitude of 3810 meters. Then we will climb over the highest snow mountain on the Northern No.317 Sichuan-Tibet Highway – Sparrow Mountain with an altitude of 6168 meters after lunch. We can enjoy various natural landscapes and cultural relics on our journey. We will arrive in Dege, a famous ancient cultural city at the foot of the snow mountain.

    Accommodation:Hotel in DegeMeals:All
  • Day 4:Dege – Jundah - Qamdo (340 km)

    We will make a visit to Dege Buddhist Scriptures Printing Hall in the morning which was praised as Treasure of Tibetan Culture. It ranks first among the three Buddist Scriptures Halls in Tibet. There we could witness the traditional manufacture process of Thangkas and some other Tibetan artworks. After lunch, we will drive to Qamdo Prefecture along No.317 National Highway, via the boundary of Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region – Jinsha River. We can enjoy the characteristic lamaseries and dwellings on our journey. We will arrive in Tuoba after we climb over the Mt. Gerala(4352 meters), Mt. Oral (4064 meters) and Mt. Tsonglayi (4481meters). We can appreciate the unique dwellings and idyllic landscape of Tuoba. Then we will arrive in Qamdo – an important town of the Ancient Tea-horse Road and also the eastern entrance of Tibet.

    Accommodation:Hotel in QamdoMeals:All
  • Day 5:Qamdo – Basu (265 km)

    We will make our way along the Lancang River Valley. Then we will arrive at Bangda Grassland after we climb over Mt. Taweng Bealock. We can enjoy the natural landscape of Yuqu River, the grand wet land and meadows on both banks of the river. Then we will arrive in Bangda Town – the conjunction of No.317 and No.318 National Road, via Bangda Airport – the highest airport above the sea level in the world. We will arrive in Basu County via the majestic Salween River Valley after we climb over the natural barrier – Nianla Mountain Pass with an altitude of 4839 meters and pass through the famous 99 curves.

    Accommodation:Hotel in QamdoMeals:All
  • Day 6:Basu – Bome (219 km)

    We will drive to Ranwu Lake in the morning. It covers an area of 0.22 million square kilometers with an altitude of 3850 meters. It is noted for its amazing natural lake and mountain landscapes and is praised as Sleeping Beauty. It is said that the scenery here tops among the natural landscapes along Sichuan-Tibet National Highway. Then we will drive to Bome.

    Accommodation:Hotel in BomeMeals:All
  • Day 7:Bome – Nyingchi – Bayi Town (235 km)

    We will drive to Lulang Forest Sea via Tongmai Natural Barrier, which was noted as “the entrance of the hell” in the past in the morning. We can enjoy the amazing natura landscape which would only appear in the fairy tale. Then we will arrive in Bayi Town– the administrative center of Nyingchi Prefecture after we climb over Segera Mountain Pass with an altitude of 4450 meters.

    Accommodation:3-star Hotel in Bayi TownMeals:All
  • Day 8:Nyingchi - Baksumtso Lake – Lhasa (520 km)

    In the morning, we will make a visit to the Giant Cypress Forest. There is a holy giant cypress with a height of 46 meters and a breast-high diameter of 446 millimeters, and has a history of 2500 years. Then we will pay a visit to Baksumtso Lake, a holy lake which is highly respected by the followers of Nyingma Sect. We can also appreciate the beautiful natural landscape of Nyang River on our way to Lhasa.

    Accommodation:3-star Hotel Meals:All
  • Day 9:Potala Palace – Jokhang Temple – Barkhor Street

    We will make a visit to the highest ancient castle style architectural complex above the sea level – Potala Palace in the morning. It was the residence of the Tibetan Dalai Lamas, as well as the political, educational and religious center of Tibet.

    In the afternoon, we will pay a visit to the Jokhang Temple which was widely accepted as the spiritual center of Tibet. The precious Statue of 12-year Sakyamuni (the founder of Buddhism) brought to Tibet by Princess of Chinese Tang Dynasty and the statues of some eminent Buddhists are enshrined in the monastery. Then we will take a ramble at Barkhor Street which around the Jokhang Temple. It is a free market and a famous circumambulation in Tibet.

    Accommodation:3-star HotelMeals:All
  • Day 10:Leave Lhasa

    We will transfer you to the airport or the railway station.


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