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Different Routes of Tibet tour of Tibet Travel Service – Classic Tours

Update: Aug. 6th, 2012

Tibetan Children

Useful and professional Tibet Travel Service of course includes many suggestions, advice, notes and tips of Tibet tours, but also some routes, Tibet tour agencies, air fares and train fares and so on. We do our best to offer you the information you may need or interested. And we hope people who plan to visit mysterious and restricted Tibet are ever helped through our Tibet travel service.

Classic Tours of Tibet Travel Service - Tibetan Discovery Tour

The name of Tibetan discovery tour means try to experience and find the beauties by ourselves during this route, which of course includes many historical sites and natural scenic spots of Tibet. Zongshan Castles is noted as the special ancient Tibetan architectural style, Tashilhunpo Monastery has profound Tibetan Buddhism culture, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street and other scenic spots will give you a first sight of Tibet. When we go to Shigatse via Yamdrok Lake and back to Lhasa through Yarlung Zangbo River, we will catch the expansive and unbridled feeling.

Classic Tours of Tibet Travel Service - Travel On the Roof of the World

If you are passionate in adventure, this route is suit for you. The roof of the world, of course is the Mt. Everest Base Camp. Not only the well preparation you should have but also the optimistic mind you should keep all the time during the tour.

Some people finish their lifetime goal, some people decide to change life style, some people feel the true love of their life, some people just cry on the roof. When you climb to the Mt. Everest Base Camp you will find something you need for your heart and you will know why you are here.

Classic Tours of Tibet Travel Service - Golden Route of Lhasa/Shigatse/Mt.Everest

Tibet Museum with rich cultural relics is worthy to go for some people who are really interested in Tibetan history, Tibetan culture, Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan people. Actually, we get to know something well is through the background. Tibetan Museum is one of the destinations of this tour, which gives you a chance to feel it. It is not boring, or we won't make it for you. We kindly recommend it because we know it is also the must-go place for somebody, maybe you.

Tibet scenery is wonderful, mysterious, magnificent and unforgettable. But we also want you to know Tibet well not only the scenery but the true Tibet, which includes Tibetan daily life, Tibetan belief. All that about this holy place is alive for everybody.

Classic Tours of Tibet Travel Service - All-around Tibet Tour

The picturesque natural landscapes of the holy lakes and the various monasteries really worth your visiting and will leave you deep impression.

You will touch the cultural landscape in Lhasa and you will have an opportunity to enjoy the natural scenery in Nyingchi. We designed this tour because it covers the representative scenic spots of Tibet, Lhasa, Namtso Lake and Nyingchi Prefecture.

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