Tips of Tibet Tour from Xi'an
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Tips of Tibet Tour from Xi'an

Update: Sep. 14th, 2012

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Tips of Tibet Tour from Xi'an – Best Time

Because Xi'an is located in warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate zone, it is with moderate rainfall and distinctive four seasons. The annual highest temperature is about 40 degree, and the annual lowest temperature is about 8 degree below zero. The frost free season is about 219 days to 233 days. The January is the coldest season when average temperature is about 0.5 degree below zero to 1.3 degree. The July is the hottest season when the average temperature is about 26.3 degree to 27 degree. The annual average temperature is about 13.6 degree. The best time to visit Xi'an is spring and autumn.

Tips of Tibet Tour from Xi'an- Service Call

Travel consultation and complaint telephone: 029-87630166

Xi'an Public Security Bureau telephone: 029-87234500

Tips of Tibet Tour from Xi'an – Diet

The Shanxi flavor noodles, shredded cakes, beef and muttons are not digestible for people who do not often eat them. So, please do not eat too much when you have Tibet tour from Xi'an. When have shredded cakes in mutton and beef soup, you could break off the cake by yourself. It will be better if you could make the pieces smaller. When you have meals at the Hui Minority Street and some other Muslin restaurants, please respect the custom and religious belief of Hui Minority. Furthermore, almost all restaurants managed by Hui people do not offer alcohol and food with blood.

Tips of Tibet Tour from Xi'an – Transportation

The bus in Xi'an is very convenience. You can take bus to any attraction in Xi'an. But there are some private vehicles at the railway station, passenger station and some sight spots far away from the downtown to get passengers in the name of bus. When you take bus at these places, please note whether it has the mark of "Bus", normative route number, route chart or station list on the headstock and get on bus at fixed bus station.

The special tour bus which only once in a day will stay at the parking spot after arriving at the sight spot and goes back to Xi'an downtown in the afternoon. If you want to take the special tour bus, please know its departure time in advance. If you are not very sure about it, please ask the ticket seller on the bus.

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