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Tibet Travel Service and Tibet Military Permit - Tibet Travel Tips

Update: Nov. 18th, 2012


As we know Tibet Travel Permits are required to foreigners, Military Permit is actually one of it. Some places of Tibet are required Military Permit such as Mt. Everest, Zham and Ngari, which could be applied by your Tibet travel agency,

According to Tibet Tourism Policy, everyone (not only foreigners) should get Military Permit if you would like to visit border places.

Tibet travel service listed some places where require this kind of permits for tourists as below.

Tibet Travel Service and Tibet Military Permit - Tibet Travel Tips


Zhongba County: Pianji Village, Yare Village, Zhadong Village, Naqu Village, Paryung Village, Jila Village and Horpa Village.

Saga County: Changguo Village, Xiongchi Village and Jiezang Village.

Nyelum County: Chongxiong Village, Polong Village, Menpu Village, Xiaozuo Village, Nailong Village, Yartong Village and Zham Port.

Tingri County: Ganggar Village, Yunqiong Village, Tongpa Village, Rongxia Vilalge, Zhaxizong Village, Lamudui Village, Qudang Vilalge, Basong Village, Zhaguo Village and Zha Village.

Kangma County: Kangma Village, Samada Village, Xiongzhang Village, Gala Village, Nieru Village, Dui Village and Nierumai Village.

Yartong County: Shangyatong Village, Xiayatong Village, Kangpu Village, Duina Village, JIru Village, Pali Town, Xiasima Town.

Gangba County: Changlong Village, Gongbalou Village, Longzhong Village, Zhike Village, Kongma Village.

Tingjie County: Riceng Village, Sar Village, Qiongze Village, Tingjie Village, Duobuzha Village and Chentang area.

Jilong County: Gongdangxiangzha, Zha Village, Sale Village, Jilong town.

Shannan Prefecture

Cuona County: Cuona Village, Langpo Village, Mama Village, Jiba Village, Le Village, Gongri Village, Kuju Village, Dongga Village, Kada Village, Zhadong Village, Jisongduo.

Longzi County: Qusong Village, Yumen Village, Maqidun Village, Douyu Village, Sanlin Village, Zhunpa Village and Jiayu Village.

Lozha County: Bianba Village, Lakang Village, Dulu Village, Lajiao Village, Guju Village, Mu Village, Qujimaiduo, Se Village, Sangyu Village and Qucuo Village.

Langkazi County: Dui Village, Pumajiangtang Village

Nyingchi Prefecture

Milin County: Milin Village, Lilong Village, Wolong Village, Qianggang Village, Pai Village, Dan Village and Nanyiyuepaduo.

Lang County: Jindong Village

Chayu County: Changyu Village, Zhuwagen Village, Chawalong Village.

Medog County: Medog County, Beibeng village, Dexing Village, Gedang Village, Damuluopa Village.

Ngari Prefecture

Pulan County: Xiongpaduo, Gangsaduo, Gongzhu Village, Bangren Village, Kejia Village, Xide Village, Duoyou Village, Jirang Village, Chide Village, Rengong Village.

Zhada County: Tuolin Village, Dongga Village, Polin Village, Qumudiduo, Xiangzi Village, Reshi Village, Jialing Village, Luba Village, Shenbuqi Village, Sarang Village, Ribaduo Village, Daba Village, Dongbo Village, Qulong Village, Diya Village and Chupusongjie Village.

Ritu County: Titu Village, Wujiang Village, Zhuangdajiao Village, Guoba Village, Deru Village, Dongru Village, Songxi Village, Duoma Village, Baobijiagang Village.

Gar County: Suomaiduo, Garxin Village, Namru Village, Menru Village, Suoduo Village, Zhaxigang Village, Rumu Village, Langmaduo Village and Qujiao Village.

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