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Shannan Tour – Service Facilities in Shannan

Update: Dec. 7th, 2012


Shannan Tour – Postal Service

There is complete postal service infrastructure in most districts of Shannan which can satisfy you need of sending letters, stamping commemorative postmark and posting parcels. Of course, some postal service is only available in the capital of Shannan – Tsedang. The post office of Shannan is located on Naidong Road in Tsedang Town. It is a grand building. Almost all postal service are available there. In the wide and bright service hall, there is special counter selling beautiful postcards with photos of Shannan sight spots on them. When you have Shannan tour, you can post some of these postcards to your relatives and friends to share your happy tour experience with them.

Shannan Tour - Telecommunication

The telecommunication facilities in Shannan are very good. The mobile communication is available in every county town. But you are suggested to use public telephone if available because the price is much cheaper. Due to the special landform of Shannan, the cellphone is unavailable when you leave flourishing towns. Now, most county towns are using computerized telephone. It is fast and convenience to dial. In Tsedang Town, there are many shops providing telephone service. The cost of long distance call is 0.3 CNY for each minute.

Shannan Tour - Internet café

There are many Internet cafés in Tsedang. With development of communication, most districts of Tsedang meet the requirements of surfing on internet. In Tsedang, you are able to find place to surf on internet everywhere. The Internet cafés in Tsedang gather on Naidong Road and first section of Gesang Road. The charge is about 3 CNY each hour. The Internet café with largest scale in Tsedang is the "Happy Internet Café" on Naidong Road, with over ten computers.

Shannan Tour - Bank and ATM

Same as other prefectures of Tibet, there are Agriculture Bank of China, Bank of China and China Construction Bank in Shannan. Each of them has ATM service and linked to internet. In addition, there is postal savings business in the business hall of Postal Office on Naidong Road.

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