Shannan Tour – Strategies of Photographing Ranwu Lake
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Shannan Tour – Strategies of Photographing Ranwu Lake

Update: Jan. 29th, 2013

Ranwu Lake

Shannan Tour – Location of Photographing Ranwu Lake

Ranwu-Chayu Highway

If you walk or drive from Ranwu to Chayu, you can photograph Ranwu Lake on Ranwu-Chayu Highway or on nearby hills. To go out from Ranwu Village for 1 kilometer, you can photograph some shelves for drying barley. You may get special light effect in the morning and evening. At the place where is about 3 kilometers away from Ranwu, you can photograph the inverted reflection of snow mountains in Ranwu Lake and other scenes of Ranwu Lake. This place is suitable to photograph Ranwu Lake in the morning. In evening, the sun will hide behind of snow mountains. Then, at the place where is about 10 kilometers away from Ranwu, there is an everglade at the end of Ranwu Lake. The line of lake bed is very beautiful. There, the local holy mountain – Demula Snow Mountain is also in sight. The Tibetan style folk residences, shelves for drying barley, snow covered mountain peak and lake form a harmonious scene. Furthermore, you can get ideal effects of light and shadow both in the morning and in evening.

Area around Ranwu Town

If you only want to photograph near Ranwu Town, you are suggested to fully use the time in the morning. Furthermore, you are suggested to prepare a pair of water-proof hiking boots because the rover bank near Ranwu Town almost is marsh and floppy sand. In general, the ice on river surface does not melt before dawn. You may go to the water's edge to photograph inverted reflection of snow mountains. Due to the special direction of snow mountain and lake surface, it is not very suitable to take photos of Ranwu Lake in evening at the area around Ranwu Town.

In Ranwu Town, you also can walk to photograph white pagodas, monasteries and other human landscapes on hills.

Shannan Tour – Plan of Photographing Ranwu Lake

Commonly, the Ranwu Lake is a photography spot on Sichuan-Tibet Highway. You can stop at Ranwu Lake to photograph when come into Tibet or go out Tibet. In general, you are suggested to arrive in Ranwu in afternoon so that you can fully use the time in the evening and in the morning. If you have enough time in this Shannan tour, you can go to Ranwu-Chayu Highway or Midui Glacier, even nearby hills to photograph.

Shannan Tour – Feature of Ranwu Lake

The most obvious feature of Ranwu Lake is its convenient transportation. It is very easy to reach Ranwu Lake. Hence, it becomes favorite subject of many travelers and photographers.

The Ranwu Lake is close to 318 National Highway. The lake surface of Ranwu is narrow and long. The both banks of Ranwu Lake are towering snow mountains. It stretches over 20 kilometers. Consequently, it is very easy to photograph pure and beautiful Ranwu Lake with good weather. Except for grand natural scenery, there are rich human landscapes at Ranwu Lake. Farmlands, herds of sheep, white pagodas, cottages, mounds of Mani stone, colorful prayer flags, agile and brave Tibetan herdsmen, gentle and agreeable Tibetan girls are rare human subjects in your photos.

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