Nyingchi Tour – Strategies of Photographing Peach Blossom
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Nyingchi Tour – Strategies of Photographing Peach Blossom

Update: Feb. 28th, 2013

Peach Blossoms in Nyingchi

Different from other prefectures of Tibet, the Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet is famous for flowers. In Nyingchi Prefecture, there are snow lotuses which grow on high and cold regions, as well as bananas and palms which mainly grow in subtropical zone. There is rich natural produce and resources and well-protect natural landscapes in Nyingchi Prefecture. The forest, clouds, blue sky, glacier, green lake and snow mountains set off each other and form beautiful landscapes. Then, in April and March of each year, peach blossoms in Nyingchi Prefecture are in full bloom. They are showing grand beauty when setting against snow mountains and glacier. It is really worth the name of "south regions of Yangtze River in Tibet".

Peach blossom is very beautiful. In fact, to photograph peach blossom is one of the required courses for many photographers in spring. There are some strategies about photographing peach blossoms provided by Tibet Tour for your reference.

Nyingchi Tour - Equipments of Photographing Peach Blossom

The peach blossom features beautiful color, simplex shape, small size, large scale, crooked branches, flourishing tree and short flower season (about three weeks). In general, macro lens or telephoto lens is used to photograph peach blossom based on the visible condition and creation requirements. Commonly, you are suggested to take rack, shutter release, flash lamp, synchronizer (used in cloudy day) and equipments for blocking wind.

Nyingchi Tour – Skills of Photographing Peach Blossom

It is not suitable to photograph large scale scene when photograph peach blossom. Since there are many branches, it is very hard to distinguish primary and secondary. When photograph peach blossom, you can choose one or several branches, or one or several peach blossoms to shoot close-up. When photograph, you should observe carefully to find the shape, color and posture of peach blossom. Then, accurately catch the beauty of peach blossom in the process of observation.

In general, the effect of light and shade is better when use sidelight or backlight. It is easier to show the quality and color of the peach blossom. With backlight, veins of peach blossom are clear, and shape is beautiful and exquisite. With sidelight, the quality and stereo feel of peach blossom is stronger.

About composition, you should pursue the harmony of colors. In general, peach blossoms are large scale pink scene. It is hard to form contrast of colors. When shoot close-up, you can use black, white and grey to make the picture more harmonious. For example, set peach blossom against black background. If there is no black background, you can use the contrast of peach blossom and background to achieve the effect. Of course, you also can add branches of tree into composition because the color of branches is close to black. About composition, you should pay attention to the choice of shape of branches and peach blossom, to find features of branches and beauty of peach blossom and form perfect composition.

When photograph peach blossom, you should observe carefully and appreciate the beauty seriously to find the shape, color and posture of peach blossom and the shape and posture of tree branches.

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