Four Local Products of Nyingchi
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Four Local Products of Nyingchi

Update: Feb. 28th, 2013

Nyingchi Stone Pot

Four Local Products of Nyingchi - Ganodorma Lucidum

Nyingchi is important production place of Ganodorma lucidum in China. Ganodorma Lucidum is a kind of very precious, rare and magical medicine. Based on the description on medical materials, Ganodorma lucidum is named "Guoxia" in Tibetan Language. The major function of Ganodorma lucidum is on panasthenia, coronary heart disease, hypertension, tracheitis, hepatitis, cancer, etc.

In Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet, the air is humid, and climate is warm. Hence, it is the most famous place of production of Ganodorma lucidum. The Milin, Bome, Chayu and other counties in Nyingchi Prefecture abound in natural Ganodorma lucidum. It is rarely seen in China that the large amount and high quality of Ganodorma lucidum. When you have Nyingchi tour, it is really worthy taking some Ganodorma lucidum back.

Four Local Products of Nyingchi – Apple

The Garma Farm which is located at the conjunction place of Milin County and Nyingchi County in Nyingchi Prefecture, on the bank of Yarlung Zanpo River is the largest fruit production base in Tibet. The mature time of apple in Milin County is in the period from June to September in every year. The fertile soil, long sunshine duration and large temperature range in daytime and nighttime are beneficial for the growth of apple. The apple from Garma Farm is with bright color and good taste.

Four Local Products of Nyingchi – Banana

Once mention Tibet, the vast grassland and grand snow mountain will first appear in mind. It is little-known that Tibet also abounds in banana. In fact, the area of Medog and Chayu at the southeast section of Tibet Plateau which belongs to hot and humid tropical and subtropical climate zone is suitable for the growth of banana. It is the only production place of Banana in Tibet.

If you visit Nyingchi about in September when is the mature time of banana, you will see banana tress all over mountains and plains. Under those green leaves of banana trees, there are bunches of yellow and green wild bananas weaving with wind and exhaling fragrance. Although Medog abounds in banana, the price of banana is every expensive. Sometimes, every banana is about 1 CNY. But local people also give bananas to travelers for free sometimes.

Four Local Products of Nyingchi – Stone Pot

In Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet, the most common cooking utensil is the pot which made up of steatite. It is named "stone pot". This kind of stone pot is mainly produced by craftsmen in Luoba and Menba. The stone pot is not only used to cook foods, but also becomes a necessary cooking utensil for cooking delicious foods by local people. Although the speed of transmit heat of stone pot is very slow, the speed of heat elimination is slow as well. In general, the stone pot is round, with thick bottom and thin wall. On the both sides of the stone pot, there are two handles made on the stone pot. The shape of stone pot is simple and unsophisticated and elegant. The price of small stone pot without cover is about 100 CNY. This kind of small stone pot which is about 20 cm wide and 15 cm high is about 5 kilograms.

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